Illahee Community Update 9-11-11 Emails, Coyotes, Preserve Work Party, Port Meeting, Illahee Letter, & Flyover

Garbled Emails. It turns out a number of you are having trouble with text being partially cut off.  We are working on the problem.  Another option when that happens is to go to our website  At the website you will see we are still in transition with pages to finish, but the updates from the past have been transferred and the new updates show in their entirety, complete with the embedded photos.

Coyotes and Pets. We received the following email to notify residents about increasing numbers of coyotes that are now being seen along the shoreline area.

Word of warning to the neighborhood!!   Last Saturday night our housecat and pet of 2 years was killed by a coyote.  If your family pet is small and is sometimes outside please be cautious especially in the evening hours.
Other Reports. We have had other reports recently, of a partially eaten cat and a raccoon.  The rest of the raccoon was moved to the beach where the eagles finished the job.  In the not too distant past we had a family of fox that would often be seen moving along the shoreline, but nothing recently, so we presume the coyotes are now the dominate predator in the area.

Illahee Preserve Work Party. Another big work party with the Washington Youth Academy is being planned for the morning of Saturday, September 17th, rain or shine.  It turns out the 17th is a big volunteer service day in the county for a number of groups and the wheel barrows and tools we normally borrow are already spoken for.  We will let you know in an upcoming update what is needed in case you can help.

Port of Illahee Meeting Time Change. The Port of Illahee normally meets at 5 pm on the second Wednesday of the month, but not in September.  The will instead be meeting at 6:30 pm according to an email we received.  The Port meetings are public meetings and residents are welcome to attend.  They meet at the Port office at 5560 Ocean View Blvd.  Again, the meeting is at 6:30 pm on September 14th.

Illahee Letter to County Commissioners. We saw several versions of a letter being drafted by the Illahee Community’s (the non profit group) Board of Directors raising concerns about reported excessive population projections that may affect Illahee.  We don’t know all the details, but thought we should at least print the text of the shortened version of one of the letters to let residents know about their concern.  The item is on the Commissioner’s agenda for Monday evening, September 12, 2011.


The Illahee Community Board is trying to digest the recent decision from the Growth Management Hearings Board (GMHB) and how the decision might affect Illahee.

We are anticipating the decision will require the reworking of the Land Capacity Analysis and a management analysis of the Urban Growth Areas.

We have been told the BOCC is poised to accept projected growth allocations, which are reported to be excessively high, at the September 12, 2011 Board meeting, which could impact Illahee.  We request any growth allocation decision be postponed until the impact of the GMHB decision is better understood by Illahee residents.

Please reschedule your decision for a future meeting.

Flyover & Camera Some have asked for more information about the flyover and the camera system.  We found some information on the cineflex camera used in the flyover on Wednesday.  The photos are taken at the Port Angeles airport during a refueling stop and shows the helicopter and camera along with cine-photographer, John Trapman, and our filmaker, Shelly Solomon.  The camera system is expensive reported to be about $600,000.  It was developed for the military by General Dynamics with this version used by filmmakers for high quality films, as previously noted in an earlier update.

Jim Aho


Cineflex V14 HD

The Cineflex V14 HD delivers true high-definition (HD) imagery with unparalleled stability. The 5-axis assembly provides layered isolation, steering and fine correctional movements for stabilization to a sub-pixel level. The system’s capture device, the Sony® HDC-1500 1080p professional broadcast camera, provides true scene fidelity with unmatched color clarity and resolution.