Illahee Community Update 9-28-11 Culvert Cleanout, WYA Work Party, Wise Street, Peterson Farm, Unique Sailboat

Culvert Clean-out on Thursday.  The Illahee Creek culvert under Illahee Road is scheduled for clean-out on Thursday (9/28/11).  There was an earlier notice on the Public Works website that indicated a culvert replacement at Roosevelt on Wednesday, but that was not correct.  An Illahee resident received the following email:

It’s my understanding that SSWM will be performing routine maintenance of the Illahee Creek culvert this Thursday.  This will involve the removal of 50 cubic yards of sediment from the outlet.  The work is being performed under our general HPA.  There is no culvert replacement.  I’ve requested that the road report be revised accordingly. 

Earlier Culvert Report.  We have attached the earlier culvert report that we put out on August 15th, since nothing has changed.  Our only concern is if they will be setting up a net system to move fish past the work area.

We stopped by the Illahee Creek culvert that goes under Illahee Road the other day and found the clear opening to be slightly more than 24 inches, which is considerably less than the design opening that shows on the culvert drawings of 5′-6″.  We have been told that a smaller opening will handle the water, but we think that a 24″ opening is too small for a big storm, such as December 2007.  There are a number of residents who are concerned about a possible washout at the culvert and consider this culvert to have failed.  With a new road resurfacing of Illahee Road this summer the culvert’s small opening is not good news.

Earlier Coyote Report.  We had a number of you happy with the last coyote report.  We have attached the last response below.

I meant to get back about the coyotes myself, those were really good reports in this newsletter. I too have heard coyotes yipping in the Candy Cane Lane area, there is a green belt area about midway that runs down to the shoreline which is probably the wildlife corridor (we see the pileated woodpeckers using the same corridor) that’s where the yipping occurs, and in our case, I’d say about three coyotes. I HAD thought it might be dogs, but it sounded like coyotes. I’ve noticed a drop off in raccoons as well as rats, which in turn has encouraged a rise in squirrels (I have a resident momma day-squirrel here who enjoys our birdseed). All said and done, I haven’t seen any coyote droppings on our lawn, and we have a large male dog too, usually they’ll do something like that to mark territory. Coyotes will also keep wild cats (such as cougar and bobcats) out of the area, and that is fine with me! Cougars will attack people, coyotes won’t. I say let the coyotes stay!!! 

Last Week’s Illahee Preserve Work Party.  A group of Washington Youth Academy (WYA) cadets and their mentors worked at various jobs in the Illahee Preserve last Saturday.  They hauled wood chips, the closed trails, and they removed sections of Scotch Broom.  These guys and their mentors were amazing!

Wise Street Road Work.  Underneath Wise Street is a culvert for Illahee Creek’s North Tributary.  The downstream bank was eroding and there was a worry that the road could give way if the garbage truck got too close to the edge.  Looks like a great reinforcement job, we assume by Kitsap County.

Peterson Farm Event.  We attended the Peterson Farm event last Sunday put on by the Great Peninsula Conservancy.  It was nice to walk around an old time working farm.  Attached are a couple of photos.  We like the apple cider press photo and found out someone has a similar one in Illahee and that they are looking for available apples.

Unique Sail Boat.  John Lind forwarded this photo of a unique sailboat that passed by Illahee the other day.  Thanks to all those who forward us information and photos, and wish we could use all of them, but we try to keep the updates short and concise.

Website Login Problems.  We are having website login problems and our website person is hiking the 212 mile John Muir trail in California and so we are using an old format of putting photos as the end rather than being embedded.  We hope to get this resolved quickly.

Jim Aho