Illahee Community Update 10-10-11 More Robbery Info, Tow Response, Bahia Vista Road

More Robbery Information.  Today we received a number of emails regarding the recent rash of robberies in the Illahee State Park area.  We have attached some of them below.

Last night a neighbor who lives on Classic Avenue noticed a older mid 80’s light colored honda coupe parked next to the vacant lots that are for sale on Classic. He drove his vehicle to a position near the front of the honda. He could see that there was a man and woman in the car. The driver of the honda then drove toward our neighbor as if to hit it. The neighbor drove away from the honda. In the attempt to follow the honda,our neighbor saw a sheriffs car in the area. He stopped to talk to the deputy. He gave the deputy the license plate number. The sheriff to him that they had received a call about the honda being in the area. The driver of the honda has a history of burglary.

I received a phone call from our neighbor… Their home was burglarized last Sunday,Oct. 9th, while he and his family were at church. He thought their home was entered through an unlocked window. All that appears to be stolen is his wife’s jewelry.  Several weeks ago his family had their locked car stolen out of their driveway.

Yesterday, I was told that our next door neighbor to the south of us …. had his truck broken into and the contents removed. Including all GPS,etc. While we discussing that situation he told me that another home on Bootleg had evidence of an attempted entry into their van. He also state that he had received information that a “halfway house” for recently released inmates was now located on Franklin avenue off Viewcrest drive. I have not been able to confirm that fact. I will attempt to do just that. We have lived on Sylvan for 25 years and have never before had problems of this magnitude. Four home burglaries and a vehicle stolen within a two block radius and all in the past two weeks. 
The national web site for the Oxford Home located at 3302 Bootleg Hill Place NE. I suggest reading the link “Info for Neighbors”.
Unknown Tow Responses.  Today another tow of what evidently are security fences, came trough Illahee waters.  A number of you responded with emails which are noted below:
I forwarded the news letter to my brother in Seattle. He said he saw the tow moored at Port Gamble last Thursday

In regards to the “Unknown boat tow” one day last week while watching the bridge construction, i noticed a similar instance coming from psns. It looks similar to some of the floating security barrier used around the ships.

Those fences in tow are parts of the security barrier system used around the shipyard and bangor – I believe. Have seen them working on them and moving them around at times at both places.

I have seen these tugs several times in front of our place. They look like new or replacement barriers for PSNS .  A several hours later I have seen a single tug towing something similar going back towards your place.  I bet they are being built or repaired at Keyport. 
Bahia Vista Road Improvements.  There are some areas in Illahee that are less traveled and therefore we are less aware of significant work going on in them.  One area is the steep winding road that goes past Illahee State Park and down to homes on the hillside and along the shoreline.  The road is Bahia Vista and the pictures are from the county website and were taken between Aug 9th and Sept 14th.  I was only able to copy one photo as the rest are copyrighted.  Click on the links below and you can see the rest of the photos.
Culvert Cleanout?  We have been asked about how the Illahee Creek culvert cleanout went on September 29th.  We were out of town when it happened and will try to get information and possibly pictures of the results for the next update.
Jim Aho