Illahee Community Update 10-11-11 Potential Robbery Interrupted, Benthic Testing, Tuesday Rainbow

Potential Robbery Interrupted?  We received the following report after yesterdays update regarding area robberies.  This took place in the old Illahee area, and shows that this is more prevalent than just the state park area.

This is interesting Jim,  because my neighbor stopped by to tell me about an incident last week here on Olive Ave. He was up late one night and noticed a big Buck outside in his yard, when he stepped outside to see better, he noticed two people all dressed in black. One he said was a tall male, and the other was not so tall and he thought it was a female. Both looked fairly young, maybe late teens or early 20’s. They were walking down the street and stopped to look in the window of a neighbors truck, they were talking and pointing at various vehicles. (including mine) They noticed a truck in the carport of our neighbor and they both walked up to it, but as they approached, the security light came on. They both ran, crouched down to a ditch in front of the house where they laid down trying to hide. The neighbor yelled at them telling them to get out of our neighborhood and they both took off running down the street. 
Illahee Creek Benthic Testing.  This subject requires some explanation.  Benthic testing is a way of checking biological indicators of a watersheds health.  The types of fish, insects, algae, plants, and other resident aquatic life tell us about the health of Illahee Creek.  Kitsap County is conducting benthic testing on many of counties streams with the help of volunteers.  The photo shows county employee Mauro Heine and volunteer Frank Stricklin as they tested Illahee Creek on September 28th.  The fish is a fresh water sculpin  that was collected in one of the samples.
Tuesday Rainbow.  Since Monday evening we have received .84 inches of rain, according to one report.  John Lind sent us this rainbow photo that was taken close to sunset on Tuesday.
Jim Aho