Illahee Update 11/11/11 Saturday Community Meeting, Special Speakers, Cell Tower Hearing Report

Saturday Community Meeting . The next quarterly meeting of the Illahee Community will be this Saturday (11/12/11) at the Kitsap Regional Library on Sylvan Way at 1 pm.  One of the topics will be to discuss possible options that might be available to the community as part of the remand of the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan.  There are decisions that need to be made by Kitsap County and Illahee could be part of the solution, but we would need to know what residents want.  The whole issue needs to be resolved next year so it is imperative we  start working on this soon.

Future Special Speakers? The Illahee Community board discussed getting expert speakers for meetings, but need to know what topics residents might be interested in.  One subject that has been recommended is the presentation on growing oysters and clams by Taylor Shellfish.


Cell Tower Hearing Report. This is an especially painful subject as things did not go well at the hearing.  I did a presentation that did not go well on how we were trying to establish wildlife corridors that went through that area, and asked that the mono-pole cell tower be disguised as a tree (as shown above) so as to make it more visually pleasing, only to be discounted by the Verizon rep and the county planner.  Two others testified and we hope they will comment on their thoughts.  The bottom line is it is very  hard to effect any changes when you find out about the project just before a hearing and don’t have community consensus.  The county pretty much accepts whatever the applicant submits.  In this case we were at a distinct disadvantage as the Fire District already approved the oversized flag pole that is a disguised cell tower in a residential zone, which is the precedent, and probably justifies it because of the income it produces, and will soon have more assuming the new Verizon tower will be approved by the Hearing Examiner.

Jim Aho