Illahee Update 11/14/11 School Sports Groups, Pee Wee Exception, Timbers Edge Gift, Community Meeting Info

School Sports Groups. With Illahee being roughly equally represented by the Bremerton and Central Kitsap school districts, we don’t covered school events or issues.  Such events are covered by the Kitsap Sun and also by more localized reports in the CK Reporter and the Bremerton Patriot.

The Pee Wee Exception. Thanks to Tony Chavez for the following Pee Wee report, the exception that doesn’t follow the school district boundaries.  Congratulations to these upcoming athletes!

Just a note to the Illahee Community about ‘our’ Pee Wee football players.  The North Perry Gators who’s district covers Illahee finished the 2011 pee wee football season as so:

D-String (7-8 year old) finished with a record of 4-3.  They started out the season 0-3, but turned it around and won their first playoff game.  They were eliminated in the semi-finals by the eventual champions Warren Ave.

C-String (9-10 year old) finished the season 6-0.  Had an epic battle with their arch rivals Warren Ave in the semi-finals winning 8-0.  North Perry defeated Chico in the championship 32-6 , to earn the county title.


B-String (11-12 year old) finished the season 6-0 as well, cruised through the post season, and was soundly defeated in the championship game by a very good Tracyton team 45-8.

If you’ve never watched a pee wee football, it is an absolute blast.  It’s a great community builder, it’s free and great for the kids (young and old) involved.

Two article in the Sunday, November 12, 2011 Kitsap Sun regarding the championship games:

Timbers Edge 24 Acre Gift. In an earlier Illahee Update we reported concerns about the status of the 24 acre gift of open space that was agreed to when the the community dropped its appeal to the Shorelines Hearings Board.  We later noted that the developer, Jim James, noted that the gift would take place.  Some residents who sent us the default notices that were attached to trees, are still concerned.  We have been told that even if there is a default on any of the five land parcels of the development, the open space gift will take place, that the gifting somehow takes precedence.  If anyone can help us better understand this issue we would appreciate it.

Saturday’s Illahee Community Meeting. We haven’t seen the official minutes but did see a copy of an email that was sent to one attendee discussing some interesting information about Illahee community memberships and communications.

Thank you for your comments yesterday (which expressed concerns whether there was enough community members present to represent the entire community).  We realized we haven’t checked on our data base numbers for some time and wanted to verify the numbers we gave out at the meeting.  We currently have 369 residents in our data base who have supported at least one community issue since we started working on the community plan.  Of that number 173 are active members through paying the $10 dues or were granted life membership because they contributed some threshold amount to the group.  All Illahee residents are considered members-at-large which have no dues.

The community updates go out to roughly 500 email recipients and some of those forward them to their neighbors.  We know that some access the Updates via the website, which is what Fred does, the guy who was sitting in front of you.  We have a goal to have several people reporting for the updates and hope to reach 1000 email recipients in the future, which considering households would mean we would be reaching the majority of Illahee residents.  What is most interesting is every month we get a few more requests, though we do have those who move away and request their names be removed.

The one aspect of the updates that the majority of residents have told us is that they like the wildlife photos and wildlife info.  They have also said they don’t like meetings but like to know what transpired at the meetings.  They have nevertheless responded to important community issues and have paid for experts and lawyers when necessary, which for a few years averaged roughly $10,000 a year.  And lastly we do have concerns as our community meeting attendance has been steadily dwindling which is why we are looking for speakers.  The standard comment regarding meeting attendance is “let us know if something important is happening and we will be there.”  Which is why if we ever need to determine what residents want regarding UGA issues (such as if Illahee could be removed from the UGA), we will go with questionnaires to all residents like our original one (which was used to verify whether residents wanted to create their own subarea plan), so we will have the objective and quantifiable data required to support a possible community position.

Additional Reporters? As the above response notes we are always looking for several other reporters to cover Illahee issues, such as the Pee Wee report.  Let us know if you can help, even if it is just sporadically.

Jim Aho