Illahee Update 1/2/12 Mail Theft Pictures, Illahee Boundary, Resident Human Interest Story, Important Dates, Lost Float

Another Mail Theft. In our last update we linked an article in the Kitsap Sun about mail thefts along Illahee Road.  We found out about this theft the other day and asked if they could give us a report of what they found, and this is it:

We found this on Wednesday Dec 28th in mid-morning after our mail had been delivered to our mail box. The mail had been scattered all around and some of it had been opened. The mail that I looked at came from the Fir Drive and Nobles Lane. It had started to rain so the mail was wet. I called the Post Office but the number had been been disconnected, so I called the Sheriff’s office and they told me that a Deputy would connect with me. Later that day he did, but he was in Kingston, so I told him I would take the mail to the post office. It took two large plastic bags.
Evidently there were lots of Christmas cards in the mixture that were opened so it will be interesting to know if the Post Office tried to contact these people and deliver what they could.

Illahee Boundary. We attended a luncheon recently and found there were residents who live in Illahee but didn’t know they lived within the Illahee boundary, so we have included a boundary map.  It mostly corresponds to the Port of Illahee boundary except for the southern end and the area east of Perry Ave.

Illahee Resident Human Interest Story. Last week there was a nice human interest story in the sports section of the Kitsap Sun about a local resident who is also a recently elected Port of Illahee Commissioner.  We asked Mike if we could link his story, and while he was a little reluctant, he said we could.  We wish him well in his upcoming surgery.

Important Dates. We heard about two important upcoming events.  The first is a meeting of the Illahee Community Club who will host Kitsap County Planner, Eric Baker, who will discuss the UGA Remand Options the county is considering.  The meeting is scheduled of January 31, 2012 at 6:30 pm at the Sylvan Way Library.  The next event is a big celebration being planned for May 5, 2012 at the Illahee Preserve that we heard about at a recent meeting.  We plan on providing more details on both of these meetings as they get closer.

Lost Float. We received the following email notice about a float that washed up on the Illahee shoreline in case someone lost one recently.

A very nice float has washed up on our beach, so if you know of anyone who is looking for it, have them call me.  This float has cleats and reflectors and is well made.

2012 Expectations. We heard from a number of residents this Christmas season who are hoping for great things to continue for Illahee this next year.  We agree and especially want to thank the Port of Illahee for their successes this past year of 2011 and for all they do for Illahee.

Jim Aho