Illahee Update 1/12/12 Cougar Sighting, State Park Free Access, Brush Pickers Back, Timbers Edge Plea, Gifted 21 Acre Deed Filed

Cougar Sighting. We received the following email note on Monday from a person who lives close to Illahee State Park.  Normally when there is a sighting like this there are others in the area who will also report it.  Let us know if anyone knows anything more.

Last night the Illahee State Park camping host heard a scratching sound around the front door steps of his camping trailer.  He saw the back end of a retreating cougar when he opened the door to investigate.

State Park Free Access. We heard access to the State Parks is free this weekend beginning on Friday and through Monday, and thought we would remind residents who might not have paid the $30 for a pass.

More Opened Mail. On Monday we received another report of mail thefts, which read as follows:

For your updates.  Just found a bunch of opened mail from the 4300 block of Illahee.  A lot with 4330 and different space, trailer numbers.  Called the Sheriff and turned it over to them.  Most was dated 12/29.

Brush Pickers Back. We have received phone calls that brush pickers have returned to the Illahee Preserve.  If you see them you can call the Sheriff, the Parks Department, the numbers in the Illahee Preserve brochure, or 479-1049.

Timbers Edge Plea. Because of our updates on the Timbers Edge property auction, we have been asked to include the following email plea in an Update.  We have other residents wondering what to do, and also those wondering how to help.  It appears to be a drama that keeps unfolding week by week.  Here is the plea:

I just found out the Timbers Edge project is going to be sold on the steps of the Kitsap County Court House on the morning of January 20, 2012.

According to Mr. Michael Smith, of Comfort, Davies and Smith-Attorney who will conduct this sale, he will be selling two parcels, as  Mr. Jim James of Beach Drive Development LLC has found himself in default and his properties.

THIS IS IT – the opportunity for someone in the Illahee Community to purchase one or both of these properties for approximately $300,000 each.  We need someone who can help satisfy the density concerns of this Timbers Edge dense development , which will forever change the landscape of our community.

Can you help in this situation?  Are you an investor who could both satisfy your investment in a way which could profit yourself, serve a community need, and have a grateful community honor you with open heart?  If you are that person, we need you to step forward, and know that a community thanks you for being able to allow us to keep this community unique and the place we call home.

The time is NOW, the need is NOW, can you help us, NOW?

Contact:  Mr. Michael Smith, Attorney
1901 65th Avenue West
Fircrest, Washington

Gifted 21 Acre Deed Filed. We did see a copy of the Bargain and Sale Deed on Wednesday, which shows it was filed on Monday, January 9, 2012 (this is for the gifted 21 acres in settlement for dropping the appeal to the Shorelines Hearings Board).  For those interested in the process, the documents first went through the County Treasurer for payment of the Excise Tax, and then to the Auditor for the actual recording or filing of the the deed.  After this we assume someone in the county updates their records to show the 21 acres removed from the tax parcels, and new tax parcel numbers and descriptions assigned.  We think this could greatly impact the auction sale that is being planned for January 20th, and wonder if the attorney selling the properties is aware of the recent filing that could affect his auction sale?

Your Thoughts? Let us know your thoughts on how you would like to see this drama play out?

Jim Aho
(We have been asked to note that these Updates are filed and posted on the website)