Illahee Update 1/26/12 Sewer Plans, Timbers Edge Sewers, ICC TE Motion, Remand Meeting, One Time Opportunity

Illahee Sewer Plans. A few years ago Kitsap County looked at the Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) and located likely sewer lines and pump stations, since eventually any area in the UGA would need to be sewered.  We were surprised to see these main sewer trunk lines on on the county remand maps at a meeting on Wednesday evening.  Sewers are the primary infrastructure needed for higher density development, which UGAs are supposed to be.  See the attached map that is available at the following county website:

Two Illahee Maps. Illahee shows up on two of the county’s remand maps:  East Bremerton & Central Kitsap.  The Central Kitsap UGA Alternative 1 map is shown below.  Note on the website are 4 alternatives and what we are showing is just one of them.

Timbers Edge Sewers. The first map shows the Timbers Edge sewer line and pump station, which will run between the Fir Drive area and the Illahee North development.  This is a pressurized system that runs for nearly a mile through Illahee and will be more costly to hook up to than a gravity system.  This is the sewer system the concerned many residents during the Timbers Edge hearings and which was eventually approved by the Hearing Examiner.  If the scheduled February 24, 2012 auction of the Timbers Edge properties is purchased by another developer this sewer line could be a reality.  While most are not in favor of sewers through Illahee, there are a few who are for a variety of reasons.

ICC Board Approved Motion. Pertinent to the above item is a motion that we heard was approved by the Illahee Community board, which requests the Port of Illahee to become involved.  This is the motion we saw in an email.

The ICC Board of Directors requests Port of Illahee secure the remaining 15 acres of Timbers Edge properties at the February 24, 2012 auction to ensure protection of aquifers and Illahee Creek.  The desired outcome would be the eventual sale and development of the east 5 acre portion of the Avery Homestead at the current zoning (Illahee Greenbelt Zone (IGZ)) and with the stipulation that Low Impact Development (LID) applications be used to infiltrate storm water, and, if possible, securing the west 5 acre wooded parcel of the Avery Homestead for the Illahee Preserve, along with the roughly 3 acre parcel of the Garrison property for the Illahee Preserve, and the roughly 2 acre parcel of the west Talmo parcel for the Illahee Preserve.  The proposed method for these acquisitions would be to obtain a “bridge loan” from the Trust for Public Lands (TPL) for a period of three to four years.  The bridge loan could be secured using the recently acquired Ocean View properties for collateral.  The possibility of obtaining the Illahee Store could remain on hold for a little longer until these other issues are resolved.  We presume the Ocean View properties which house the Port office and meeting room are no longer necessary with the purchase of the Deitch property which we understand will eventually house the Port office and meeting room in the lower floors of the building.  Because time is of the essence with the upcoming scheduled auction of the properties, we request this request be given urgent review and attention.

Remand Meeting. The sewer issue is actually just one aspect of the remand process that the County is going through and which Illahee residents will have an opportunity to become better informed.  Eric Baker is the Special Projects Manager at Kitsap County and the person who will be discussing the remand issues and alternatives at an Illahee Community meeting on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at the Sylvan Way library from 6 – 8 pm.

Everyone Welcome. All residents are invited to come to this extremely important meeting as there is the possibility that portions of Illahee could be removed from the UGA, which would mean they would not be subject to annexation by the City of Bremerton.  From an earlier questionnaire only 2% wanted to be annexed by Bremerton (and 6% who were hoping to be annexed by Silverdale) and the remaining 92% wanted to have a unique community of Illahee, which resulted in an Illahee Community Plan that was approved in 2008.

One Time Opportunity. This has been called a once in a lifetime opportunity for the community of Illahee to possibly further control its destiny.  The time to get the information is at the Tuesday meeting and the time to testify before the County Commissioners is on February 6, 2012.  Not much time to go through everything, but Mr. Baker is a good presenter and will discuss the alternatives for Illahee.  Also, look at the information on the website that was noted earlier.

Let Your Neighbors Know! Please let your neighbors know about this important remand meeting.  Again it is at the Sylvan Way Kitsap Regional Library meeting room on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, from 6-8 pm.  If you have questions give us a call 479-1049.

Jim Aho