Illahee Update 2/2/12 Illegal Brush Picking Report, New Signs, Meeting Report, Sewer Manholes, Film Date, Sailboat?

Brush Picking Report on Front Page. The illegal brush picking in the Illahee Preserve received front page coverage on Wednesday.  We were surprise the first time Illahee brush picking made the front page of the Kitsap Sun and again yesterday.  See the photo below.  The story is at the following link: We are beginning to realize just how important the Illahee Preserve is to the surrounding community, as more and more people discover it and use it.  Someday it will probably be the only forested area in the Bremerton – Silverdale area as we noticed the logging today of another forested area on McWilliams west of SR 303.

New Signs. There are some new and larger signs around the Preserve to let everyone know that brush picking is not allowed.  These are similar to the old signs as some of the old signs had been torn down.  Most of the walkers in the Preserve we talked to today said they saw the article and were glad to know brush picking is not allowed.  They also said they didn’t see any signs of brush pickers today.

Illahee Meeting Report. There were roughly 50 residents who attended the Illahee Community meeting on Tuesday evening to hear Eric Baker discuss the Comprehensive Plan Remand Update alternatives.  Much of the discussions centered around the sewer requirements for urban areas and the costs associated with them.  At the end of the meeting residents voted unanimously that they wanted to see the zoning of the golf course changed from Urban Reserve to a Parks designation (based on the gifting of the golf course to the county), and they would like the shoreline residential zoning changed from Urban Low (5-9 homes per acre) to Urban Restricted (1-5 homes per acre) from historic Illahee to University Point in order to better match the shoreline’s Conservancy designation.  There were many comments at the end about it being a very good and informative meeting.  Thanks Eric and the Illahee Community non-profit group for putting on the meeting.

February 6 BOCC Meeting. This is a reminder that any comments or concerns regarding the Comprehensive Plan Remand need to be turned in by this Monday, February 6, 2012, either in writing or in testimony before the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), which begins at 7 pm.

Sewer Manholes. There are two developments in Illahee with sewers, Ambleside and Illahee North.  We happened to be walking by when surveyors were looking into one of the manholes between these two developments and we asked if we could take a picture.  We were surprised to see the pipe is open on the top and the sewage can be readily viewed just by looking in, which is because it is a gravity system.  Once it is pumped from the Illahee North holding tanks it goes through some specialized pumps and to a pressurized system, and eventually to the sewage plant between Brownsville and Keyport.

Illahee Film Date 2/25/12. It appears the initial showing of the Illahee film will be on Saturday evening, February 25, 2012 at the Norm Dicks Center.   More details will be provided once they are firmed up.

Illahee Dock Sailboat? We saw what appears to be the twin masted sail boat that spent about a year around the Illahee community dock, on the front page of today’s Kitsap Sun.  It was hard to tell because it was sunk.  We expect the Port of Illahee commissioners will be able to tell us if this was the same boat.  What is interesting is it appears in the background of one of the scenes in the Illahee film.  The link to the story is:

Jim Aho