Illahee Update 2/10/12 King 5 Video, Email Re Brush Pickers, Illahee Film Location, High Tides

King 5 Video. It took someone who knew what they were doing to get the King 5 video coverage of last week’s brush picking.  We were hoping the TV station would put it on their website, but when they didn’t we had to find someone who recorded the news, then isolate the portion we wanted, so we could post it on YouTube.  Thanks to those knowledgeable individuals!

Email Re Brush Pickers. We received an email regarding brush pickers to help us better understand the process they go through to sell their goods.  If you see any pickers or campers please let us know.

As an ex employee of Alpine Farms I am familiar with pickers. Most are above board and are contracted by farmers or floral companies through Hispanic crew bosses to harvest in designated areas. However pickers sometimes raid into other properties either because they are not familiar with properties lines or because the crew boss is not so scrupulous Thus the need for farmers to hire private rangers to protect their crops.

The shady crew bosses will have both a legal  and illegal crew. The crew boss will take a bigger cut of of the illegal pickers  to put in his pocket and mix it in with the legal pickings. Some of the illegals may be on the run and dangerous. It can be scary working a forest and running into a group of marauding pickers with machetes and  wondering if they are going to run or protect their pickings.

I walk the park every other day and have run into pickers several times as well as campers.

Illahee Film Location? Lots of planning being done for the premier showing of the Illahee film project.  The filmmaker has requested a nearly totally dark room for showing the high quality blue-ray film of Illahee, and is asking if the Norm Dicks Government Center chambers< where it is currently scheduled, will work.
Location Has Changed. We had to change the location of the film event from the Norm Dicks Center to the ARC facility in Bremerton at 3243 Perry Ave because of concerns about being able to have the room dark enough to show high definition blue-ray films.  We thought by showing the films in the evening that there wouldn’t be a problem, but the lobby lights are bright and some of them cannot be turned off or dimmed, and with the two story high glass walls, and no curtains, we had no choice but to move the event.  This means the location on the poster below will be changed.  We wanted to send this out so everyone can think about attending.

Photo Request. We are a little short of Illahee photos to include in these updates, so if you have any good ones to share, we would appreciate it.

High Tides. We are going through a few more days of early morning high tides in the 13 foot range.  Last month the highest tide was not what showed up on the tide chart, but what happened when the barometric pressure was exceptionally low.  One resident said the predicted 12+ tide looked more like a 14+ tide because of the low pressure.
Jim Aho