Illahee Update 2/11/12 Attempted Break-in, New Film Poster, Good Price!

Attempted Break-in. We received the following report this afternoon and want to alert residents of this attempted breaking and entering occurring in the area of Rest Place and Wise Street on Friday (2/10/12):

I experienced an unwanted visitor kicking in my side entry door on Friday while at work.
Below is the Kitsap County Sheriff’s report narrative. 


Attempted breaking and entering. By examination of the foot prints left at the scene, an attempted intruder removed the window screen and attempted to enter through a locked first floor window at the NE corner of the residence. With no success, the person attempted to kick-in the east side first floor personnel entrance into the residence. Multiple attempts, at least 3, were made by examining the footprints on the door. The door broke as did the door frame allowing the persons foot to penetrate inside, however the long screws in the deadbolt socket somehow held the intruder from gaining access to the residence interior. In the process of contacting neighbors, I learned a tall young light colored African male was approaching residences just next door during the same time frame, asking “if anyone had seen his black and white cat”. The man was unknown to the area according to the neighbor I talked with few minutes ago. The door and frame is a total loss and will need to be replaced. $1,000 loss value.

Break-in Photos. We are attaching two photos.  The first shows the broken door latch frame.  The second shows the broken exterior door handle.

New Film Poster. The attached film poster shows the correct location for the premier showing of the Illahee film.

Good Price! We were asked how someone could show some great films followed by a shellfish bar for only $10?  The response we received was that the goal is to reach as many people in the surrounding communities with these truly amazing stories as possible, and they didn’t want the cost of attending to be a factor.

More Film Information Later. There is more information being assembled that we hope will be available next week.  We will pass it on when we get it.

Jim Aho