Illahee Update 2/22/12 Film Questions, Location, Food, Characters, Wood Chips, Work Party Cancelled, Preserve Signs, TE Auction Postponed

Film Questions. Many questions coming in regarding the local “Puget Sound Film & Shellfish Festival” coming up on Saturday evening (2/25/12) at 6:30 pm.

Location. “Where is the Arc facility on Perry Avenue?” is the first and most common question.  The building used to be a grocery store many years ago, and more recently primarily a bingo hall.  On Friday’s Arc of Kitsap and Jefferson counties sponsors a dance there that is attended by about 250 developmentally disabled people from the two counties.  Until a week ago we didn’t know it was there as it is located in back of a barber shop, a Chinese restaurant, and the A&C Tavern.  We have attached a satellite map which shows just how far off of Perry Avenue the large building with the light blue roof is and why so many residents are unaware of its location.

Food. “I have never had shellfish taste so good” is a comment from those who have experienced a Taylor shellfish bar.  “Will they have Olympia oysters for us to taste? is a recent question by a shoreline property owner, and the answer is yes.  “We don’t eat shellfish, will there be other food?” is another comment and question, which is sort of a yes, in that a reception normally has something like cake, which is being planned.
Shellfish Growing Information. There will also be information on growing shellfish, which should be especially interesting for shoreline property owners.  Jennifer from Taylor Shellfish will be there to answer your questions regarding just how easy it is to farm your tidelands, help the environment, and be rewarded with your own shellfish.

Illahee Film Participants. Not everyone filmed over the 9 months of interviews made it into the final version.  The Illahee film was unscripted and the filmmaker interviewed far more experts and residents than could appear in a 30-40 minute film.  We found it quite remarkable that she could take all the video footage and weave stories and experts into a film that is informative, educational, entertaining and inspiring.  We are wondering if others will agree with our assessment.  Because there were so many stories, experts, and residents that were not able to be included in this film, a sequel film is being tentatively planned for 2013.

Thanks to Filmmaker & Community! We want to thank filmmaker Shelly Solomon for working so hard and long on this film, well beyond what she was compensated for.  And we need to thank the Illahee Community and others for helping the fund some of the extras, such as the helicopter and the cineflex camera filming of the Illahee shoreline and the watershed.  Thank you Shelly, Illahee, and the surrounding community!

Wood Chips. The pile of wood chips continues to grow at the Almira entrance to the Illahee Preserve, see the photo below, which is another reason for needing a work party.

Work Party Cancelled. The work party that was planned for Saturday (2/25/12) has been cancelled for a variety of reasons.  We will let everyone know when the next one is planned.

Preserve Meadow Restoration Signs. The habitat restoration signs that were put up last weekend have been modified to that trail users won’t be confused.  The meadow restoration project is a major effort that will likely take some more time and coordination, so the signs were modified with a “COMING SOON” note placed over the “KEEP OUT” words.

TE Auction Postponed. We have been asked often about whether the TE property auction will be held on Friday (2/24/12).  We received an email today stating the person had talked with lawyer handling the property and that the auction has been postponed until March 23, 2012.

Jim Aho