Illahee Update 2/28/2012 Brush Picking Report Filed, Homeless Camp in Preserve, Shoreline Seaweed, Bladderwrack

Brush Picking Report Filed. We heard that a report has been filed with the Sheriff regarding the recent brush picking going on in the Illahee Preserve.  The brush pickers are still in the Preserve most every day which has been confirmed by the following reports we received on Saturday and on Monday evening.  The hope is that now something can finally be done.

saw three brush pickers by upper parking lot today told them to leave but they just ducked down and hid.

Just saw same pickup with load of salal on Burwell leaving town 7:10.

Homeless Camp Discovered. There was a call about a homeless camp close to the intersection of Almira and Riddell Road.  It turns out there were five tents there, very close to the road, but hidden by trees.  A call was made to 911 and the deputy told them they would need to leave.

Shoreline Seaweed. The other day we noticed seaweed along the upper areas of the saltwater shoreline just north of Illahee Creek.  The seaweed was attached to rocks, so we assumed the bladders on the seaweed had enough buoyancy to lift the rocks and wash them up onto the beach.

Bladderwrack. The name of the seaweed is bladderwrack (Fucus gardneri).  It is a perennial seaweed found in the cold temperate intertidal regions of the Northeastern Pacific.  It is found on rock shores and consists of many branches with little inflated bulbs at the tips.  The bulbs buoy the plant to an upright position when the tide is in, which enables the plant to absorb nutrition and sunlight.

Jim Aho