Illahee Update 3/1/12 Snow Pictures, Eagles, Preserve Tents, Trail Signs

Snow on Wednesday. We happened to stop by the Illahee Preserve’s Almira parking lot Wednesday morning during the snow showers and took these pictures of the rain garden area.  Interestingly when we drove toward the east to the Illahee community area there was no snow.

Eagles. One of the eagles in the picture below was following a seal along the shoreline. Eventually the seal cornered a fish along the shore when the eagle swooped down and picked it up. The seal continued moving toward where the fish was, coming almost entirely out of the water and onto the beach, looking around for the fish.  Wish I had a video of it.

Preserve Tents. We heard there were five tents in the Preserve so we stopped today to see whether they were still there.  We took a picture of the entrance to the tent area, which is across from the Best Choice Self Storage facility.

6 Tents. We don’t know who counted the tents yesterday, but we counted six tents today, with a couple of them looking like they were in the process of taking them down.  It doesn’t appear that the others had left or that anyone had cleaned up anything.

Trail Signs. The trail signs are up so that work can begin soon on the Compass Circle Meadow Restoration Project.  Once the work begins the meadow area will be closed off, which is why the signs are necessary.  Thanks to Nathan, who is the Eagle Scout candidate who took on the project.  We are thinking the restoration project will be moving ahead some time next week with the clearing of some of the perimeter alder trees.

Sign Vandalized. It seems hard to believe that signs in the Preserve often get vandalized shortly after they are put up.  The sign below had the map showing the new perimeter trail ripped off.  Another Eagle Scout project had similar problems with sign vandalism.  That is one of the ongoing problems, along with the illegal brush picking.

Jim Aho