Illahee Update 3/4/12 Port Meeting Changes, Stennis Pic, Robbery Victim Dies, Truck Traffic?

Port of Illahee Meeting Changes. We have been asked to let residents know that the Port of Illahee meeting location has changed to the lower level of 5500 Illahee Road. Additionally, for this month only, the day of the meeting will be on Thursday (3/15/12) at 5 pm, rather than the usual meeting day of the second Wednesday of the month.

The Port meeting will be held on Thursday the 15th this month only.  The place is 5500B Illahee Rd (lower unit of the Deitch house) time 5:00pm.

Stennis Picture. Thanks for the picture of the USS John C Stennis taken from Illahee on Friday morning.

Robbery Victim Dies. We covered this story some months ago, and are sad to report that William Johnston died.  He did lots of concrete work in the area and was well known.  Below is the link to the article that was in the Kitsap Sun on 2/29/12.

Illahee man dies of injuries suffered in September robbery, assault

Truck Traffic on Sat & Sun? We received the following question and don’t know the anwers, but presume someone does.  Let us know and we will pass the info on.

There must be a big construction project going on somewhere in Illahee because all weekend there were trucks going up and down Illahee Road.  If each dump truck hold 5 yards or more, and there must have been a hundred trips, that is a big project!  So what is the project?

Jim Aho (Note: All updates are archived and can be found at the website)