Illahee Update 3/19/12 Lost Dog, Illahee Preserve Meeting, More Tents, Wildlife Meadow Restoration Project

Lost Dog. We just heard about a dog that has been lost for a month and was last seen in the Illahee area.  The dog “Sooner” is very shy and will not go to strangers.  There were two dogs that were let out during a breakin in the Manette area, and one came back home, but not this one.  If you see this medium sized basically black dog with a white nose and chest, and brown feet, please call its owner at (360) 286-5966, and they will try to coax him in.  We have requested a photo and will send it out in the next update.

Tuesday Illahee Preserve Meeting. The Illahee Preserve groups will hold their monthly meeting Tuesday (3/20/12) evening from 6:30 – 8 pm at the Port of Illahee meeting room at 5500B Illahee Road (the lower level next to the dock entrance).  We just saw the agenda and there are some exciting things going on with the Preserve.  We have been asked to invite anyone interested in becoming involved or just wanting to learn more.  The meeting is open to the public and visitors are always welcome.  If you want more information call 479-1049.

More Tents. We heard we only reported on some of the tents in the Illahee Preserve, so we decided to check it out this afternoon, and followed a trail further up a hill where we found two more tents.  We understand there are discussions regarding where the homeless can go, so we will see what happens.  We have been told that everyone agrees that the Preserve is not an option.

Wildlife Meadow Restoration Project. One of the projects that will happening soon is the Compass Circle Wildlife Meadow Restoration effort.  In preparation for the work a perimeter trail was established that includes a viewing bench, which were part of an Eagle Scout project.  A couple of the trail signs have already been removed from the sign boards, but the project is moving forward and should be somewhat complete by the May 5th “Walk in the Park” celebration.  We have attached a photo showing the bench and the sign.

Jim Aho