Illahee Update 4/29/12 Purple Trillium, “Walk in the Park” Event, Illahee Preserve or Illahee State Park, CK Super Saturday Volunteers, Kiosk Progress, Future Preserve Entry Plans, Illahee Film Showing in BC

Purple Trillium. Thanks to all those who send us photos, from which we try to pick some to share.  We are still looking to have a photo section on our website and welcome help to make it happen.  While the Illahee Preserve has lots of white trillium showing up now, this is the first purple one we are aware of.  Thanks Lindsey for sharing it with us.

Went for a ride in the preserve last night and stumbled upon this aging trillium, first purple one I’d spotted in the preserve so I grabbed a pic for you.

“Walk in the Park” Event. Saturday’s Kitsap Sun noted the “Walk in the Park” celebration to be held on Saturday, 5/5/12, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Almira parking lot entrance to the Illahee Preserve.  The event is being sponsored by Leadership Kitsap and the Preserve Stewardship Committee.  We have already been asked about maps for the walk and understand new ones are being developed to align with the new post markers installed by Leadership Kitsap and the Washington Youth Academy, and that they will be available in time for the walk event.  The link to the Kitsap Sun article is:

Volunteers Needed. Leadership Kitsap has requested volunteers to help with the event.  Please email us if you can help.

Ilahee Preserve or Illahee State Park? Confusion continues as to what Illahee park are you referring to when there are two major park facilities in the same community. The Illahee Preserve is a relatively new park, that while being large, 444 acres, is not as well know as Illahee State Park, which is 75 acres.  Even the Kitsap Sun made the mistake when the noted in their events calendar that the walk was to be at Illahee State Park as can be seen in this link: We hope the confusion will soon be diminished when the East Bremerton Rotary installs a new sign along State Highway 303, and when events like the walk are held.

CK Super Saturday Volunteers. We were happy that some of the members of the geology club at Olympic High School volunteered to help at the Illahee Preserve on Saturday as part of CK’s Super Saturday event.  They helped in the rain garden weeding and labeling the plants in the Native Plant Demonstration Rain Garden in the center of the parking lot.  Thanks for all their hard work!!

Kiosk Progress. There was also significant progress made Saturday by Eagle Scout candidate Eliot Orando on his informational kiosk project.  Eliot agreed to try and complete his project in time for the “Walk in the Park” event, and was there with his friends from 7 am to 9 pm on Saturday.  We took a few pictures during the day and will take some of the completed project later.

Why Log Posts? Why the use of log posts?  The Stewardship group requested that the kiosk columns be made of logs to match the eventual log picnic shelter they envision sometime in the future.

Future Preserve Entry Plans. There have been questions regarding what the future plans are for the Illahee Preserve.  We recently received a copy of a drawing showing the future plans for the Almira entrance, that was developed by Parametrix as part of the Leadership Kitsap Team support of the Preserve.  We will try to post them on the new kiosk on Saturday, as well as an explanation of what is happening with the wildlife restoration project that is stalled at Compass Circle.

Illahee Film Showing in BC. We received notice that the Illahee film (the DVD case is shown above) will be shown at a “Restoration 2012: Beyond Borders” event in British Columbia on May 15-18, 2012 (see the link: )  Copies of the film have been ordered to be available at the May 5th “Walk in the Park” event on Saturday.

Jim Aho
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