Illahee Update 5/1/12 Preserve Ducks, Compass Circle Restoration Project, Kiosk, Sign Frames, Illahee Meeting on Monday

Illahee Preserve Ducks. Since wildlife photos are what many consider the most interesting part of our updates we thought this one of a hen Mallard seen Monday at the Almira detention pond with her ten little ducklings would be a good way to start this update.

Compass Circle Restoration Project. The rest of the Compass Circle perimeter alders came down this morning (5/1/12) and now it is time to clean them up so the turf grass can be planted.  Volunteers are needed starting tomorrow (Wednesday 5/1/12) beginning at 1 pm to help start moving the downed trees to the sidelines (weather permitting).  If anyone is available to help, and it is not raining, just show up at Compass Circle.

Kiosk. The kiosk project at the Almira parking lot entrance to the Illahee Preserve completed Sunday afternoon as shown in the photo above that we took just before they left.  Thanks to Eliot Orando and his boy scout group for this amazing project!

Sign Frames. On Monday and Tuesday sign frames were installed at the Almira parking lot entrance.  We are hoping the signs will be ready by Friday so they can be installed in the frames for Saturday’s “Walk in the Park” celebration.

Illahee Community Meeting – Monday – May 7th. How is Illahee affected by the Comprehensive Plan Remand?  Eric Baker, who is heading up the remand for Kitsap County, will be presenting the latest information at an Illahee community meeting on Monday evening (5/7/12) at the Sylvan Way library beginning at 6:30 pm.  This meeting could affect the Illahee Community Subarea Plan and should be of interest to many Illahee residents.

Jim Aho