Illahee Update 5/15/12 Preserve Meeting Tonight, Deer Photo, Ditch Strawberries, Illahee Store?, Illahee Film in Blue-ray

Illahee Preserve Meeting Tonight. Sorry for the late notice, but the Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP) meets tonight (5/15/12) at 6:30 pm at the Port of Illahee meeting room at the lower level of 5500 Illahee Road.  The IFP is the non-profit support group of the Illahee Preserve and has a similar agenda to the Stewardship group, but has funding authority for things like the Illahee Film, dedication rocks, materials and equipment for the Illahee Preserve, etc.  Visitors are always welcome to the IFP meetings and the Stewardship meetings, that meet the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm, with the IFP meeting quarterly on the middle month of each quarter (Feb, May, Aug, & Nov).  Please join the meeting if you are available.

8 Illahee Deer. There have been a number of residents talking about the number of deer in Illahee and several are trying to get group pictures.  We think the picture Roy sent us a week or so ago will be hard to beat with him capturing a photo of 8 deer in his pasture.

I thought you might like this photo of the deer here at Honeyhill Farm, enjoying the lush green pastures.   I just went out to walk up the driveway and eight deer were having a nice time eating the excellent pasture grass.    This is the most I have seen in one place.   Five were eating yesterday.     The goats and llamas are not at all bothered by them.

Ditch Strawberries. On a recent walk we notices a ditch full of strawberry plants and plan to see just how good they taste when they mature.  The location is along East Boulevard.

Illahee Store? It appears the owner of the Illahee store has removed the gas pumps and is cleaning up the area.  We haven’t heard if he has plans to open up the store or sell it.  Earlier we had heard the Port of Illahee was interested in obtaining it.  Let us know if you have any further information.

Notice the gas pumps have been removed.

Illahee Film in Blue-ray. The Illahee film will soon be available in a blue-ray version, with a limited number ordered.

Jim Aho