Illahee Update 5/18/12 Illahee Film Questions and Answers

Illahee Film Questions.  Lots of questions continue to be asked about the new Illahee film “Illahee -Saving Puget Sound One Watershed at a Time“.

BC Showing This Weekend?  Our filmmaker, Shelly Solomon, is showing her film series, which includes the Illahee film, this weekend in Vancouver, British Columbia at a “Restoration 2012: Beyond Borders” conference program entitled “Engaging Your Audience:  Promoting Restoration Via the Power of Film – Films shown in spectacular Blu-Ray”.

Reviews?  We are anxious to hear how the film is reviewed outside of Illahee.  We have been told that what the Illahee community has done is an inspirational story, so it would be interesting to see if others concur. 

Local Reviews?  There have been many favorable verbal comments about the film, but no real reviews yet, though there have been some short emails.  It would be good if someone would review the film so we could pass on their evaluation.

Another Showing?  We have also been asked if there will be another local showing.  We would like to see that happen in conjunction with Shelly’s most recent film “River as Spirit – Elwha River Flyover.”

On BKAT?  Eventually the Illahee film will be offered to the Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT) station to see if they would air the film, but not until after there is another local showing.

DVD or Blu-Ray Format?  Since most do not have the equipment to play Blu-Ray videos, regular DVDs comprised the bulk of the first order.  The initial order of DVD’s was for 200 DVDs and 20 Blu-Ray DVDs.

Cost To Fund the Film?  It is difficult to determine the real cost to produce the Illahee film because of the number of hours experts, the filmmaker, and residents spent that were pro bono (donated without costs).  Some have said we have a $40,000 film that cost just under $20,000.  What community members found out in the producing process was that nearly every graphic and photo used in the film has a cost associated with it, not to mention the cost of the helicopter flyover of the area, which was paid separately by residents and others in Kitsap County.  Major contributors to the film were the Department of Ecology, the Port of Illahee, the filmmaker, the Illahee Forest Preserve, and the Illahee Community.

Experts/Professionals.  All of the experts/professionals in the film donated their time, and include:  Leonard Forsman, Chairman of the Suquamish Tribe;  Josh Brown, Kitsap County Commissioner; Joel Massmann, PhD, Keta Waters; Chris May, PhD, SSWM; Paul Dorn, Fisheries Biologist for Suquamish Tribe; and Derek Booth, PhD, Stillwater Sciences.

Replication Costs?  Another consideration following the completion of the film was how to ensure high quality replication and packaging, which were additional costs.  In order to continue to maintain the high standards that were set for the film, high quality copies and attractive packaging were ordered from the filmmaker.  

Suggested Contributions?  Determining what the suggested donation should be for the film required looking at recouping the replication costs and looking ahead to completing a sequel film to cover the important items that did not fit into this film, which included footage from a PhD oceanographer on the Puget Sound Partnership Science Panel and other residents with important Illahee history segments.  This resulted in the following recommended donations for the film:

DVDs – $20 each, orders of 3 or more – $15 each 
Blu-Rays – $25 each 

Sequel Film Date?  The anticipated date for the Illahee Sequel film is late 2013, or 2014, which of course depends on the availability of the filmmaker.  Also to be noted is the sequel film will require additional funding as the proceeds from the film sales will not cover all the anticipated costs.

Comments Welcomed.  Not many communities document their history and progress with film, and fewer yet are done in such a high quality and professional manner.  We would like to know your thoughts on the current film and also your thoughts and ideas regarding a sequel film.

Jim Aho