Illahee Update 5/26/12 Stennis Work Party, Wildlife Meadow, Sewer Requirements, Sewer Plans, Responses, Deadline June 6th

Stennis Work Party.  There was no question about something big happening at the Illahee Preserve on Thursday (5/24/12) morning as between 50 and 60 cars were parked along Riddell Road near the Petersville entrance.  Sailors from the USS John C Stennis descended on the Preserve’s Compass Circle Wildlife Meadow Restoration Project to help move and cleanup over 60 felled perimeter alder trees so the meadow restoration project could continue moving ahead in hopes to get wildlife grasses planted and established during the quickly fading spring planting season.

Old Trails Decommissioned.  The branches and logs from the downed trees were used to decommission old and redundant trails near the newly established Compass Circle trail.  There were 14 trail sites that were closed off, which took nearly all the woody debris which left the compass circle area cleaned up. 

Much Thanks and Gratitude!  This was a big project and required many hardworking teams to finish it.  We were thankful that more people volunteered than we had hoped for because we needed them all to finish by noon.  We were hoping for 30-35 and instead ended up with 60+/-, and it worked out perfectly.  
Thank you to a great bunch of hardworking men and women sailors, and a few families.  
And thank you to the Stennis administration for suggesting this project as an opportunity to volunteer!

Urban Growth Area (UGA) Sewer Requirements.  We had several emails asking about how the Remand issue will affect sewer requirements for Illahee.  We also had questions about sewers related to the Timbers Edge project and we had a comment that our $20,000 estimate to hook up to the pressurized system the Timbers Edge development is planning on putting in was probably low and should be more like $25,000 to $30,000.  There is a requirement that Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) eventually be sewered.  So if Alternative 2 is adopted (which leaves Illahee in the UGA) then sewers would someday need to be installed, likely as shown below.  (Note that the TE sewer does not show up on the diagram below, probably because it is considered a temporary installation.)
Rural Sewer Requirements.  There are no requirements for sewers in those areas designated as rural, which is why the sewer plan shown below only shows sewers in the section of Illahee that the county says needs to remain urban.  
Remand Responses.  We were also advised that the Kitsap County website contains responses they have already received on the Remand issues.  We have attached the two links that contain the responses.  The first is a summary matrix of the comments and the second contains the comments themselves.

June 6th Deadline.  Illahee residents have a once in a lifetime opportunity to let the County Commissioners know what they would like to see happen in their community, whether they see themselves as rural (Illahee was zoned and considered a semi-rural before the Growth Management Act) or urban (a city) with infrastructure features, such as sewers, that are a requirement for anyone within the UGA.  This is a unique opportunity for residents to have a say in their destiny and that of their community.  We would like to publish some of your responses, anonymously if you wish, just send them to us.

Clarification.  We thought residents had to choose between Alternative 1 or 2, or a combination thereof.  It turns out we were wrong as there are several who would like to see the shoreline area in north Illahee be rural and taken out of the UGA entirely as the shoreline is one of the more pristine beaches in the county, primarily due to the steep bluffs above the shoreline.  They reminded us that Eric Baker said this request can be made.  The attitude of many residents during the creation of the Illahee Community Plan has been that there shouldn’t be pristine shoreline areas next to dense urbanization as this doesn’t seem right, nor in concert with shoreline regulations that are supposed to protect sensitive and pristine shorelines.   Again, let us know your thoughts on issues such as these so we can pass them on to the greater community.

Jim Aho