Illahee Update 6/4/12 Remand Hearing, Extreme Summer Tides, Sea Stars, Geoducks, Deer


Remand Hearing.  We attended the remand hearing on Monday to see what was being said about the various alternatives being proposed for the County Commissioners to act on.  We were expecting a very large crowd and some contentious testimony, but what we saw as a good crowd with courteous and informative testimony.


Illahee Mentioned.  We were glad to see an Illahee resident there who spoke for Alternative 1 and a similar designation for the north shoreline area.  She also referenced the Illahee film and turned in a copy as justification for her position.  Later on in the hearing, during the testimony of several developers, there was reference to areas where developments should not occur, and Illahee was mentioned as one of those areas.  When developers are making these comments as public testimony it must be like vindication to those Illahee residents who felt that Illahee should never have been included in the urban growth area in the first place.

Extreme Summer Tides.  In case you haven’t noticed there are some extreme summer high and low tides this week.  Above is a tide chart that should be close and shows the extremes.  Below is a photo looking across the water toward Illahee State Park.

Sea Stars.  We found a couple of very large starfish, or sea stars, today.  The photo at the beginning of the post is a sunflower sea star.  This pink one among the seaweed was worth a picture.

Notice the tube feet on the picture below which have suction pads at the end.
Geoducks.  We also found some successful geoduck diggers at Illahee State Park today,  
some with some small geoducks, 
 and one very large geoduck,
which had a broken shell, which exposed its innards. 
Deer.  We’ve noticed more deer showing up during the daytime and caught this one feasting on an Asian pear tree and a plum tree.  They were also in the garden somehow getting through or around our 7′ high fence.
Jim Aho