Illahee 6/17/12 Deer, Timbers Edge Background, Monday Meeting, Attorney Support, Groundwater Policy

 Deer Photos.  Some recent deer pictures have been received, the second one taken on Saturday.  Still hoping for someone to get a good Illahee coyote photo.

Timbers Edge Background.  We have been asked to provide some more background regarding the Timbers Edge development, as there are a number of people who are either new to the community or were not following the newspaper reports on what has been a long community battle with the county and the developer regarding details of the project.  We just talked with someone who reminded us that there ~650 people in 2005 who signed the petition against the development, which went through a number of changes, and was finally approved in 2009.   There are so many aspects that were reported on during the last 5 or more years, that we recommend you just go to the website and click on “Timbers Edge” and review the many posts that reported on the project over the last few years.

Hearing Examiners Report.  For those who would like more legal details and the conditions placed on the development, the Hearing Examiner’s Decision can be found at:

Why Monday’s Meeting?  We have been asked “..why are having another Timbers Edge meeting since the project has already been approved?”, and our response is we are expecting a new legal notice soon in the Kitsap Sun regarding a trustee sale of the Timbers Edge properties on the steps of the Kitsap County court house.  We have seen two earlier legal notices and are now expecting another, following the gifting of the 24 acres to the Port, and want to know if there is anything the community can do if and before the properties are auctioned off.   Once a notice is placed in the paper there isn’t much time to come up with a response.

Attorney Ryan Vancil.  There have also been questions about whether the community has retained attorney Ryan Vancil and what the costs are.  Ryan represented the Illahee Community for the Timbers Edge hearings, both before the Hearing Examiner, and also the appeal before the County Commissioners, for which he was paid with donations from the community.  He has also been instrumental in working through the gifting of the 24 acres to the Port of Illahee.  He has done the later pro bono, and has agreed to help with options because of his past work with the community and he believes in what the community is trying to do.  It isn’t often we get this quality of legal help at no cost and his commitment to Illahee is appreciated.

Groundwater Policy.  The community has been concerned about our aquifers and groundwater recharge, or lack thereof, and has been hoping the county would realize just how delicate some of our situations are and come up with a policy that reflects what is happening.  Not long ago the County Commissioners came up with a Water as a Resource policy, and we were pleased to find the following statement in their policy document:

2011 Water Policy Implementation Plan Status Report

Groundwater Supply:

Groundwater is the source of potable water for unincorporated Kitsap County.  80% of citizens within Kitsap County and its associated cities derive their potable water from the ground.  Studies conducted by the USGS, local water utilities, and the University of Washington indicate that this supply is fed exclusively by precipitation that falls on the Kitsap Peninsula.  Therefore any actions that reduce water infiltration reduce aquifer supplies.  The result could be an unsustainable water supply.

Groundwater also supplies base flow to creeks, streams and wetlands.  As groundwater levels decrease this base flow lowers and aquatic species suffer.

Comments?  There have been few comments re Timbers Edge recently and we would solicit comments either pro or con.

Monday’s Meeting.  We hope to see you at Monday’s meeting (6/18/12), which starts at 6:30 pm at the Sylvan Way library.  Copies of the Illahee Film will be available at $20 each or $15 each for 3 or more.  Blue-ray versions will not be available and will be $25 when they come in.

Jim Aho