Illahee 6/24/12 Website Information, Website Traffic, Leadership Kitsap Team, LK Accomplishments, LK Thanks, Illahee Film

Website Information.  We thought it would be good to explain some about our website that has be undergoing some recent changes.  We still have lots to learn about websites, but with some help we are getting better.  Awhile back we changed website managers and also the software for creating the website posts that most of you receive as emails.  It has been a learning experience as we went from two or three people involved with putting an update on the website to primarily just me, and after a year or more I think we are getting better. 

Website Heading Photos.  Our website admin adviser has taken it upon himself to take photos from past updates and resize them and rotate their usage as website heading photos.  While we are asking him to remove a couple of them, such as the original Timbers Edge plat layout, we like what he has done and some of our favorites are used in this update. 
Website Traffic.  We were astounded to find out recently just how often the website is accessed, and still wonder if it is really true.  We have been looking at the website,, that provides website statistics.  When we first looked at the usage a few weeks ago, the visitors each day averaged 88, followed by the next period at 30, and this time it was 53.  We are presuming these are weekly averages, and we welcome anyone who can double check these figures and verify the information is correct.  Below is what we copied from the mustat website.  Even though it was given a low rating for a website, we think it is quite remarkable for a small community.


Each day, generates 266 pageviews from 53 visitors. The website receives an average of 1,649 visits and 8,244 pageviews per month. It is given a rating of E, due to its very low performance.

Per day Per week Per month Per year
Visitors 53 372 1,649 19,414
Pageviews 266 1,862 8,244 97,06

Website Photos.  We found out that we need to be careful how large the photos are that we include on the website and in an update.  The large photos that look great on our large screen monitor do not work for many of you, so we have decreased the sizes and are trying to come up with the right percentage.  Thanks to those who have responded when something doesn’t work right.
Website Fonts.  We have been told to stop using the font “Comic Sans” and we are currently using “Serif” but would like to find something else.  We don’t know what the reasons are but we are trying to conform.  These issues are behind the scene items, but we know some of you are interested.
Leadership Kitsap Team.  We attended the Leadership Kitsap (LK) graduation event this past week and we need to again thank the LK “Dragons” (one of four teams) who decided their team project would be to help the Illahee Preserve.  The team consisted of 7 members whose names and their sponsors are:
Zeb Breuchman, PSNS & IMF
Doug Campbell, Navy Region Northwest
David Dinkuhn, Parametrix
Gessica Guidry, Kitsap Public Health District
Debbie Robinson, NUWC Keyport
Rochelle Stockwell, Clearwater Casino
Connie Zapp, Holly Ridge Center
Description of LK Support.  Several have tried to describe the impact of the LK support to the Preserve.  The one we liked best was “It was like the Preserve won the lottery.”  Another closeup was “It was like having a magic genie and the first wish was the genie couldn’t say no.”  And, “It was like an answer to prayer.”
LK Accomplishments.  Below are just some of the accomplishments we are aware of, there may be more.
1.  Numbered sign posts at each trail intersection.
2.  Map showing the numbered sign posts, courtesy of Rice, Fergus, Miller architectural firm.
3.  Concept map showing Almira Parking lot improvements, courtesy of Parametrix.
4.  “Day at the Park” celebration on May 5th.
5.  Reader board notice for above celebration and listing of website, which might explain our 88 visits a day.
6.  Illahee raspberry Preserve gifts for the celebration.
7.  Raised over $1000 for the Illahee Forest Preserve 501.c.3.
8.  Increased the awareness of the general public to the Illahee Preserve.
9.  Created a new logo for the Illahee Preserve.
10.  By establishing a celebration date, interpretive signs were completed, an Eagle Scout project kiosk was installed, a paver walkway plan was established, and new trails were created and old trails were closed.
It was an amazing amount of work that was accomplished in the roughly 5 or 6 months and we thank each member of the “dragons” for all they accomplished and the Leadership Kitsap program.
Illahee Film Question.  There has been a question as to whether Illahee residents would attend a showing of the Illahee film if it was shown at the Admiral Theater.  Evidently the Illahee filmmaker, Shelly Solomon, as recently completed a film on the Elwha Dam removal and a proposal was made that both films should be considered for showing at the Admiral.  We said we would put out the question in an update.  We don’t know what the admission cost would be.
Jim Aho