Illahee 7/10/12 Otters, Illahee Preserve Rain Gardens, July 17th Meetings, Kitsap Sun Remand Article, Remand Maps, Remand Options, Port of Illahee

Otters.  This otter family is probably the same we have seen before, except yesterday one of the adults was missing.  It is hard to see from the photos, but there are three kits and one adult.

Illahee Preserve Rain Gardens.  Kitsap County Public Works personnel have responsibility for the Illahee Preserve storm ponds and rain gardens.  They have been weeding the rain garden plots and will soon be re-mulching.  After the new mulch has been applied the stewardship group and community will be fully responsible for weeding and taking care of the rain gardens.
July 17th Meeting.  The monthly Stewardship meeting that begins at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, July 17th, at 5500 Illahee Road, the lower level of the former Deitch residence, and is open to the public.  There is another meeting also on the 17th, the first of three public meetings, to hear about and comment on the draft Forest Stewardship Policy for the county.  Below is a copy of the schedule from the Park’s Dept website.

A series of public presentations will scheduled during the period of June through August 2012.  This section will be updated as meetings are confirmed.
Date Region Facility Time
July 17, 2012 North Kitsap Kingston Community Center 6:30pm
July 24, 2012 South Kitsap County Administration Building 6:30pm
July 31, 2012 Central Kitsap Eagles Nest / Fairgrounds 6:30pm
Kitsap Sun Remand Article.  On the front page of the July 5th Kitsap Sun was an article about the new county maps out showing revisions to the Urban Growth Areas (UGAs).  The link to the article is:  Kitsap County’s revised urban boundaries take shape  In the article is a statement about Illahee which reads “Despite a local desire to return Illahee to rural zoning, planners say the Illahee Community Plan should be amended only after extensive discussions among community members.  Those discussions could lead to changes later.”
Remand Maps.  The revised remand maps are now referred to as the “Preferred Alternative” and are available at the county website:  The Illahee Community resides in two of the maps, Central Kitsap and Bremerton East.
Central Kitsap Preferred Alternative.
East Bremerton Preferred Alternative.
Remand Options.  So what do the Preferred Alternative maps mean for Illahee?  We asked that question of Eric Baker, specifically as to it relates to sewers, as that has been a major concern to many residents who don’t feel the Illahee topography would be able handle the high density that sewers normally bring.  Eric stated that while the county needs to have a sewer plan for an urban growth area like Illahee, the Illahee Greenbelt Zoning and the Urban Restricted Zoning do not require sewers, unless there are septic failures, and that septic systems are permitted in these zones.  If Illahee feels that it still needs to be rural then, as the Kitsap Sun article states, there will need to extensive discussions and consensus, along with the willingness of the community to revise the community plan.
Port of Illahee Meeting Tomorrow.  The Port of Illahee monthly meeting is at 5 pm on Wednesday, July 11th, at the lower level of the former Deitch residence at 5500 Illahee Road, and is open to the public.
Port Changes?  Some residents would like to see if there is interest in making some changes to the Port’s election requirements.  The first one has to do with the fact that there are three separate Commissioner districts for a 3 mile shoreline area, with each one essentially covering a mile of the shoreline.  With such a small port some feel the Commissioners should be elected “at-large”.  The second issue is the 6 year terms, which some feel are too long, as often unexpired terms need to be filled.  A 4 year term has been suggested.  These changes would need to be started soon as it takes some time for the process to complete by 2013, the odd years when these elections take place.  The cost to the Port for these add on election items are estimated to be between $300 to $400.  The Port could initiate these changes by resolution or the community could initiate them with a petition.  Based on the number of voters in the 2011 election (1607), 161 registered voters would need to sign the petition.  Let us know your thoughts.
Jim Aho