Illahee 7/17/12 Missing Posters, Illahee Preserve, Stewardship Meeting, Forest Policy Article, Squirrel Memorial, Illahee Day

Missing Posters.  We noticed several posters around Illahee.  The first for a missing person, and the second for a missing cat.

Illahee Preserve.  We found someone trying to preserve the new kiosk at the Illahee Preserve.  They noted the posts are from a hemlock tree and that hemlock is not as durable as other species of trees and should be treated so the posts will last longer.  The new coating darkens the posts as can be seen from the photo below.
Illahee Preserve Intrusion.  We heard someone was using their riding mower to clean an area in the Illahee Preserve off of Rest Place so we took the picture below to show the destruction.  We also heard there are efforts underway to inform the person that the property belongs to the Illahee Preserve.
Stewardship Meeting.  The Illahee Preserve Stewardship Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month, which is July 17th this month.  The meetings are held at 6:30 pm at 5500 Illahee Road, the lower level, and are open to the public.
Forest Policy Article.  In our last update we noted a new forest stewardship policy was being planned with three public meetings being held in July.  A recent article in the Kitsap Sun provides additional details:  We also received the following response to our previous mention of the new forest policy plan:

Regarding the proposed county-wide timber management policy, I was pleased to see this is part of it:


                “each county owned forested [parcel] will need its own forest stewardship plan”    (page 5-9, which is pp 10 in the PDF)


Basically, each parcel (and sub-component thereof) is to be assessed individually to decide if it shall be used as watershed, park, or tree farm.    I see no reason (yet) for there to be a fight… what is needed (my opinion) is an aggressive move by the interested parties to ensure selection for Illahee of whichever of the options they would like to see (presumably a mix of watershed preserve and park).


If your readers only look at one of the 58 pages in the draft policy, they should look at page “4-8” (pp 9 in the PDF).    “parks” and “tree farms” are way down the list:  priorities #5 and #6 in a list of 6 program objectives.   There’s nothinginherently evil in this plan.  I see this as opportunity to codify in county policy the very protections they are looking for.  I think the plan is very thoughtfully done.  As with everything, the devil is in the implementation.

Squirrel Memorial.  A few weeks ago we were sent the following squirrel memorial information, and just recently were able to copy it.  Thanks for sending these human interest stories to us and for being patient while we try to figure out how to pass them on, as we are still learning how to get the information on the website and then back into an email format.
Illahee Day.  We attended the Port of Illahee monthly meeting last Wednesday and one of the agenda items was Illahee Day being scheduled for August 11th, a Saturday.  It appears the emphasis will again be a cleanup day, both in the community, and at the newly acquired Dietch property next to the Illahee Community Dock.  As soon as the Port puts out an official flyer, we will send out the information to the website and in a community update email.
Illahee News.  Thank you for sending us your comments and photos!  We appreciate them!
Jim Aho