Illahee 8/15/12 Dumpster Photo, Noxious Weeds, Forest Stewardship Policy Response, Remand Analysis, Illahee Film at the Admiral

Dumpster Photo.  We were able to take a photo of the dumpster (that was filled to overflowing last Saturday as part of Illahee Day) before they hauled it away on Monday.  Thanks again to all the volunteers who keep Illahee and the Illahee Preserve looking so nice, and to the Port for bringing in the dumpster!

Noxious Weeds.  Last Wednesday at the Port meeting mention was made that they had received a briefing on noxious weeds at a quarterly Kitsap All Ports Meeting.  It has been reported that there are some serious infestations of knotweed, a particularly bad weed, north of the community dock.  In addition to the shoreline having noxious weed problems, the Illahee Preserve also has its share of noxious weeds.  After that Port meeting we also attended a noxious weed briefing and are now much more aware of these problem weeds when we walk around Illahee.  We will try to comment periodically on some of the noxious weeds in Illahee.  We noticed bags of noxious weeds a few weeks ago along McWilliams as can be seen in the photo above.  The picture below is of a Yellow Archangel ground cover infestation in the Preserve just off of Rest Place.  We will explain more about the red markings on the trees in another update.
Forest Stewardship Policy (FSP) Response.  In an earlier update we reported on the Forest Stewardship Policy plans the county has for its parks, such as the Illahee Preserve.  We understand the public comment period for the plan is now closed and that the Illahee Preserve issued the following statement regarding the policy:
The Illahee Preserve Stewardship Committee and the Illahee Forest Preserve 501.c.3 jointly voted unanimously in favor of the following statement regarding the draft Kitsap County Parks Integrated Forest Stewardship plan:

Request the Forest Stewardship Policy (FSP) document be amended to define the role of the Stewardship Committees, where they exist for county parks. The Illahee Preserve believes strongly that local Stewardship Committees should have final say regarding FSP recommendations for their specific park/forest.  If the FSP does not provide for local autonomy, the Preserve respectfully requests the Illahee Preserve be excluded from the FSP program, but recognizes the importance of the FSP for other parks/forests, and would welcome advice through the programs and science of the Forest Stewardship Policy program.
It will be interesting to see what the Parks Department and eventually the Commissioners will do with this input.
Remand Analysis.  The final public comments regarding the remand of the 2006 Compreshensive Plan ends on August 27th according to an article in the Kitsap Sun.  The link to the article is: .  We thought it would be good to see the percentages of the different zoning areas being proposed for Illahee and came up with the graph below.  The rural section is next to Gilberton.  The mixed use is the Park and Ride at McWilliams.  What is most interesting is that one third of Illahee is parks (Illahee State Park, Rolling Hills Golf Course, and the Illahee Preserve).
Illahee Film at the Admiral.  We just heard the Illahee Film will be shown with a film on the removal of the Elwha dam, at the Admiral Theater in October 2012.  More details to follow.

Jim Aho