Illahee 10/10/12 Forest Policy Hearing, Film Event, Deer Damage, Maple Leaves, Preserve Dogs

Forest Policy Hearing.  We attended the hearing before the County Commissioners on Monday regarding the draft Forest Stewardship Policy document.  Kitsap Sun reporter Chris Dunagan was also there and covered the results of the meeting far better than we could, so the link to his front page story on Wednesday’s Sun is:  We also received a copy of the document submitted by the Illahee Forest Preserve whose text is as follows:

1.  We think it is good to recognize that the Park forests need specific stewardship plans.

2.  The stewardship committee for the Illahee Preserve was established over 10 years ago and produced a stewardship plan, with the help of a Park’s planner, for the Illahee Preserve that was approved by the Board of County Commissioners in 2003.

3.  The committee recognized early on how important it is to understand forest issues and worked with local forester Jim Trainer, who happens to live in Illahee and is familiar with the Illahee Preserve.

4.  The stewardship committee also went outside of the area for forest advice and contacted a nationally recognized forester by the name of Steve Arno.  Steve grew up in Kitsap County and received his doctorate in forest ecology in 1970 and worked primarily for the Forest Service in Missoula, MT, published many books and papers, and is now retired.  During one of his trips to this area, stewardship members, along with Jim Trainer, walked the Illahee Preserve to get his advice on Preserve forest issues.

5.  Based on this proactive approach by the stewardship committee and the expert information received, we feel the Illahee Preserve is one of the parks that will probably not benefit much from the Forest Stewardship Policy document, but definitely recommend its science for other forest parks.

6.  We do have one major administrative concern, though.    Based on community volunteer support, both in time and money, the Preserve’s stewardship committee would like have the final say when it comes to forest policy decisions for our park.  We have worked collaboratively with Parks for the past 10 years and would like to continue that record.  We feel the issue of decision making authority has not been explicitly addressed or clearly defined for a document specifically created to establish policy.  We request the Forest Stewardship Policy document be revised to correct this concern.


Film Event Coverage.  On the front page of the Kitsap Sun on Monday morning was a story about the upcoming film event featuring the Elwha and Illahee films.  The link to that article is:  

The marque at the Admiral advertises the Elwha film and will be changed soon to also include reference to the Illahee film.

Deer Damage.  While walking near the Illahee Preserve recently we were shown some deer damage that happened sometime the night before, see the photos above and below.  
We asked if they were ever able to get photos of the culprits , and received the photo below the next day.
Maple Leaves.  So what is happening with the circular spots on the maple leaves in the Illahee Preserve?  We have some ideas but haven’t had a chance to verify them.  Please let us know if you answers.
Preserve Dogs.  We came across two of the best behaved dogs ever after a walk in the Preserve and asked if we could take their pictures.  The dog on the left is Speedo, and  on the right is Maggie.  Note the leashes and the fact that this dog owner, like nearly all of the dog owners, pick up after their dogs.
Jim Aho