Illahee 11/29/12 Culvert Photos, Culvert Clean-out, Preserve Fill, Bald Eagles, Low & High Tides, Illahee Community Meeting Minutes

Culvert Photos.  When we reported the effects of last weeks rain event on the shoreline, we only told half of the story.  The other half is what the rains did to the Illahee Creek culvert under Illahee Road, and the flood plain.   The photos show that in one place the clearance was 14 inches, and in another 11 inches.

Culvert Clean-out.  We were glad to hear the county also was aware of the culvert sediment and today (Thursday) they began cleaning out the culvert outlet in hopes that it will decrease the inlet end by allowing the sediment to fill the outlet hole.  We were told they had to stop at midday because of a mechanical failure.
Culvert Assessment.  We saw one resident’s assessment of the culvert situation which we thought was worth sharing, and would appreciate hearing any other assessments residents might have.

My assessment of the situation is the flood plain continues to rise with each major storm and this one raised it on both sides an estimated 5 to 6 inches.  While you can dig out temporary channels in the near term, they will continue to fill in until the storm surges can be controlled.  But once the entire flood plain is elevated the only thing left is to raise the height of the culvert. 

Preserve Fill.  What is especially satisfying is the sediment from the dredging is being used to fill the area in the Illahee Preserve where eventually a picnic shelter will go.  This also turns out to be a win-win situation as the county normally would haul the sediment a much greater distance, to a gravel pit in Holly.
Bald Eagles.  We noticed some eagles the other day feasting on some kind of bird, and a little while later another eagle appeared that was just starting to get its white head feathers.
Low & High Tides.  We were asked to check the Illahee mussel cage (see below) the other night as a series of low tides begins, which also means high tides.  We were told because of the low pressure in the area the tides could be a foot to 1.5 feet higher than predicted, which could mean a 13.5 foot high tide Friday morning at 7 am.
Illahee Community Meeting Minutes.  We saw a copy of the minutes from last evenings Illahee Community meeting, and they looked so good and complete that we decided to copy and include them in this update (at the end) before they are approved, which could be some time. 

Jim Aho

Illahee Community Club

(Supporting the Illahee Community Plan)

(Meetings held the middle month of each quarter – Feb, May, Aug, Nov)

Minutes for Annual Meeting

KRL Meeting Room

November 28, 2012

6:30 p.m.


  1. Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of the previous meeting were unavailable for approval


  1. Financial Report: Merrill Evans reported a current balance of $846.03.


  1. Correspondence: No correspondence was discussed.
  1. Administrative Status Reports:


Port of Illahee:

  • Mike Mantzke updated the community with the following: Cassie Gilles is the new port commissioner replacing Dennis Sheeran.
  • There will be no port tax increase next year.
  • Discussed possibilities for future directions for real property owned by the Port, including the upland vacant lot, the former Deitch property including its small boat launch.
  • Discussion of disposition of the vacant Illahee store and the environmental problems associated with its buried fuel tanks.
  • The Port of Illahee Board of Commissioners meets at 5:00 P.M. on the 2nd Wednesday of every month and the public is invited to attend. The meeting is at 5500 Illahee Rd, lower level.
  • The Port is experiencing a positive cash flow from its rental properties.
  • The Port commissioners are seeking direction for a future master plan and welcomes community input.


Illahee Forest Preserve:

  • Culvert report: Irwin Krigsman reported that the Illahee Creek culvert is nearing a critical stage for failure. Stream clearance at the upstream entrance measured 12 inches after the recent rain storms. On 11/29/12, as an attempt at a temporary fix, Kitsap County Public Works Department will be removing 100 cubic yards of gravel from the culvert outlet and depositing it in the Illahee Preserve. Fill is needed adjacent to the Almira parking lot at a future site for a shelter.




  • Illahee State Park Slide:

Jim Aho reported a nearby resident suggested it was the result of vegetation being removed from a hillside in the State Park, that the slide occurred resulting in a closure of the road.


5. Old Business:

  • Options Pending the Results of the Timbers Edge 11/30/12 Auction.

Items discussed:

Timbers Edge is an approved development with conditions.  21 acres of 36 has been deeded to the Port of Illahee as open space. Auction sale of 4.5 acre parcel within the development is scheduled for Friday, 11/30/12 at the court house in Port Orchard. Pending the outcome of the sale, several members of the community will schedule a meeting with the property owner to talk about community interest and concerns regarding the future of the Timbers Edge property.


  • Illahee Community Name Change from Club to .Com?

There was no interest in changing the name of the Illahee Community Club at this annual meeting.


  • Illahee Film Distribution?

There are 150 copies available in DVD and blue ray formats. Sales are lagging. A promotional suggestion was made to advertise the films on line and personally deliver each copy purchased.


6. New Business:

  • Should the Port pursue the purchase of the Illahee Store?

After lengthy discussion, a motion was made and seconded that the Port of Illahee actively pursue with due diligence the purchase of the Illahee store. Motion was unanimously approved.


  • Should Rest Place be designated as a Category 5 trail where it abuts the Preserve?
  • Should we schedule a security briefing by the Sheriff’s Dept for the community?
  • Move election of officers and board members until Feb 2013 meeting?

The last three items were tabled until the next meeting.


  1. Adjourned at 7:45 P.M.


Irwin Krigsman

Interim recorder