Illahee 11/30/12 Friday Auction, Illahee Film Showing in PT, Illahee Film To Be Delivered, Golden Eye Ducks

Friday Auction of TE Back Property.  We have had lots of residents curious about what happened at the auction this morning (11/30/12) in Port Orchard.  It turns out the only interest for the back property of the Timbers Edge development was from three Illahee residents who came to see the proceedings.  There were two “criers” there, as they were referred to by those who attend these auctions.  One lady (with the clip board and papers) was reading the legal papers for 8 single family homes up for action and continuing papers for 7 others.  Because the bank had more into these homes than they were worth, the auction starting point was higher than anyone wanted and no one was bidding on them, so they would be going back to the bank.  

The other “crier” was attorney Michael Smith (shown below), the Trustee for Mr. Tallman’s interest in the property being auctioned, who read the legal documents, first for the back property, and then the continuing papers for the front property (which will go for auction on January 11, 2013), that are part of the Timbers Edge development.  Since there was no one there to purchase the back property the community is now able to discuss with Mr. Tallman possible options.

Illahee Film Showing in PT.  For those who would like to see the Illahee film (and the Elwha film) in a theater, it will be shown at the Rose Theater in Port Townsend on December 9, 2012.  The poster for the showing is copied below.
Illahee Film To Be Delivered.  We now have two residents who will hand deliver copies of the Illahee film to any who are interested in purchasing a copy.  Simply call 470-1049 to arrange for a delivery.  Cost of a single copy is a donation of $20, with 3 going for $45, and blu-rays going for $25.   So far all we have heard about the film has been it is a great film, historical, educational, and a pleasure to view.  The filming was in High Definition, and the helicopter coverage helped viewers realize just what a forested area we have in Illahee.  If you have any questions about the film give us a call at 479-1049.

Golden Eye Ducks.  Two species of Golden Eye ducks winter here – Common Golden Eye and Barrow’s Golden Eye.  In addition to having gold appearing eyes, the males each have a white patch in back of their bill.  One is a round puff, and the other is crescent shaped.  We saw both species out in the water this morning and took some photos, not the best photos, but seeing both in close proximity at the same time we thought it would be a good time to refresh our memory of the similarities and the differences.  Both species dwell in tree cavities and while they are fresh water ducks, many winter in the salt water.  They eat crustations (like crabs, and will turn over rocks under water to get them) which is why they are seen diving along the near shore areas of the sound.  Another difference is the feather pattern on their backs.
Common Golden Eye (with the round puff)
Barrow’s Golden Eye (with the crescent shape)

Jim Aho