Illahee 1/20/13 Waterfowl, Preserve Trail Fire, Running Group, Water Diversion, Timbers Edge Connection to Westsound Bank

Waterfowl. Lots of waterfowl along the Illahee shoreline in the winter.

Preserve Trail Fire.  Fires are one of the greatest concerns in a forest.  We found this one the other day on Golf Course Loop trail.
Running Group.  There are a number of running groups, along with individuals, who use or have requested using the Preserve for events.  We received the following report tonight of this group who met this afternoon (1/20/13).
What a great experience it was today to enter into the Illahee Preserve and see every parking space occupied.  A WOW day for the Kitsap Chapter of the “Hash House Harriers.”  At least 40 runners were seen running through the trails within the preserve in what we understand has become a regular event for these runners.  With over 2000 chapters worldwide in most countries of the world these runners can be seen.  We are centainly glad to see that they have found Illahee as a remarkable place to seek active recreation and to inspire others to a healthy lifestyle.

Oh yes, what you see marking the Almira parking lot is not paint, but simple flour markings which will soon disappear in the first rain.  And a big thank you to these runners who do community service such as being part of the “adopt a road” program in Kitsap County.

Attached are two photos which we thought you might enjoy.

Water Diversions.  It was nice to see some reasonable water diversions along one of the trails.  Some have suggested bridges, but we think what we saw the other day is just fine.

Timbers Edge Connection to Westsound Bank.  When we opened the Sunday Seattle Times this morning and saw the front page headlines regarding the failure of our local Westsound Bank, we read on and noted a connection to the Timbers Edge project.  The story reports that Jim James, Lou Weir  and Brett Green were partners in the Olympic Development group.  This is the group that paid for the first geotechnical study for the development that got the project started.  Other than that we are unaware of any other involvement.  The last we heard of the Timbers Edge project was the Talmo Company had acquired the remaining properties and the deeds were filed last week.
The link to Sunday’s article is:

Insider loans rife as bank collapsed
The FDIC alleged that millions of dollars were loaned on cozy and potentially illegal terms to some of Westsound Bank’s directors and its top lending executive. The agency’s lawsuit just scratched the surface of insider lending, a Seattle Times investigation found.

The links to associated articles are:

Regulators stumble on Westsound oversight
State or federal regulators raised concerns about various aspects of Westsound Bank’s lending practices six times from 2000 to 2007, but regulators chose not to downgrade the bank’s overall rating until October 2007.

Looting the bank?   Local conspiracy   allegedly snared   millions of dollars
Nearly four years after the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took control of Westsound Bank at a loss of more than $100 million, more details have emerged about how the federally insured bank was allegedly looted.

Jim Aho