Illahee 3/18/13 New Illahee Weather Station, Thanks to Tom Brittell, New Preserve Trail, Thanks to Dave Grellier, Tuesday Preserve Meeting

New Illahee Weather Station.  It is hard to believe that Illahee has a new automated weather station available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the website.   There is another registered weather station in Illahee maintained by Barney Bernhard on Wise Street.  This will give us an opportunity to see the differences between the weather near the shoreline and that at the top of the hill.

Station Features.  The new station is solar powered with a super capacitor to provide power at night, and a lithium backup battery.  It has an anemometer that records wind speeds as low as 2 mph and as high as 180 mph (which we hope we never see).  The rain collector measures rain with a .01 inch resolution.  It transmits this and other weather data through a wireless radio frequency to a base station and to computer software that is used to connect to the Illahee website.  Check out the site — we have found it and the website links to to be comparable with other weather sites.

Thanks to Tom Brittell!   We need to thank Tom Brittell for this special gift to the community!  Tom found out purchasing the weather station was just the first step, with the next steps getting the system up and running to the website where it could be accessed anytime of the day or night by the entire community.  Thank you Tom for your generous gift!  Now when we hear the wind gusting in the night we can check to find out just how strong the gusts were or exactly how much rain we got.

New Illahee Preserve Trail.  There is a new trail that has been roughed in in the northwest part of the Illahee Preserve.  We walked it on Sunday after seeing an email announcing it to IFP Board members and found it to have amazing variety and features not seen along other trails.  It is still rough going in places, but will soon be a favorite loop trail when people discover it.
Thanks to Dave Grellier!  We need to give Dave Grellier special thanks, and a few others, for this new trail.  Below is the email describing the new Hall of Cedars Loop trail and thanking those responsible.
Thanks to Dave Grellier, the primary architect of the new Hall of Cedars Loop trail, and the one who suggested it in the first place, for what will soon be another major trail attraction in the Illahee Preserve.

Thanks also to Dale Boyle for suggesting, and flagging, a shift in the trail to the east and the south to keep it a little further away from the Park & Ride lot and McWilliams. 

And thanks to Jon Buesch for some tweaking ideas to make portions of the trail even better and for avoiding some danger trees (some that will likely fall soon).

And a special thanks to Vic’s trail crew who roughed the new trail in on Saturday.  When the day started out they were just going to walk the trail and work on a few sections.  Once they got started they worked through lunch and on into the afternoon until it was well roughed in.  Without their help we would still be walking through brush and climbing over logs.

It is still rough going in many sections, but it is flagged so it can be followed to where it connects with the existing Hall of Cedars trail.  This also allows us to proceed with getting the GPS points in support of getting this trail in the new brochure that is being worked on.

When you get a chance to walk it, let us know your thoughts.  If you are coming from the Park & Ride you need to follow the old trail partially up the hill before you come to the loop portion (look for the lime green flagging).  Coming from Almira, the trail is off the the left just past Golf Course Hollow.  

Again, thanks to Dave, Dale and Jon for the route design, and to Vic’s trail crew for making it happen so quickly.
Tuesday Illahee Preserve Meeting.  There are some great things happening in the Illahee Preserve and more planned in the future.  Meetings are open to the public and visitors and volunteers are welcome.  Meetings are held the third Tuesdays of the month at 6:30 pm at the Port of Illahee meeting room at the lower level of 5500 Illahee Road, which is next to the Illahee Community Dock.  Call 479-1049 for more information.  Come join us on Tuesday evening (March 19th) at 6:30 pm.  

Jim Aho