Illahee 4/16/13 Illahee Preserve Meeting Time Correction, Illahee Film Flyer

Correction — Illahee Preserve Meeting Starts at 6:30 pm.  We incorrectly reported the time of the Illahee Preserve meeting tonight (4/16/13) as 7 pm.  The correct time should have been reported as 6:30 pm.  Visitors and those interested in the Illahee Preserve are encouraged to attend.  They meet in the Port of Illahee meeting room which is the lower level of 5500 Illahee Road, which is accessed near the beginning of the Illahee community dock.

Illahee Film Flyer.  The Illahee Preserve printed up flyers for the Illahee film earlier this year, but have only distributed a few.  One of the earlier recipients liked the brochure and purchased DVDs for her grandchildren.  She asked about the tree in the background of the brochure and we said it was the ~580 year old Douglas fir in the Preserve, which would mean it started in the 1430s.  
Jim Aho