Illahee 4/20/13 Illahee Road Contruction, Rest Place Signs, Railroad Ties Tossed, Port of Illahee Commissioner Election Filing Date, Port Districts?

Contruction Photos.  One of the major construction items with the Illahee Drainage Project was the junction manhole where several stormwater pipes intersect.  Below are some photos that show the galvanized metal pipe that was removed and is being replaced.  The next photos shows the junction manhole that was being removed followed by a photo following show the new larger manhole that replaced the old one.  We heard the pre-located holes didn’t line up and needed to be modified (looks like they had the same problem last time) which was why it took so long to complete the job the other day. 

Rest Place Signs.  There are some illegal signs located on Illahee Preserve property just off of Rest Place.  We heard they were supposed to be removed, but as you can see they are still there.
Railroad Ties Tossed.  Last year during a work party a number of railroad ties were discovered and placed in a pile so they could be disposed of.  We were disappointed to see that someone tossed them down the hill toward the north tributary of Illahee Creek.  Notice also the invasive Yellow Archangel in the foreground that needs to be controlled as it is starting to spread down the hill toward the creek.
Port of Illahee Commissioner Election Filing Date.  We attended the Port of Illahee’s monthly meeting on Wednesday where they stated that commissioner candidates must file the week of May 13 – 17.  Cassie Magill is the incumbent (appointed by the commissioners to to finish the unfinished term of Dennis Sheeran until the next election) which has two more years to go as the terms are for 6 years.  Cassie will likely file as the candidate for Port District 2.  Mike Mantzke is the incumbent for Port District 3 and will likely file for the upcoming 6 year term.

Other Filing Information.  Filing fees are based on the salary of the office but since Port Commissioners are not paid (but they do receive a stipend) so there is no filing fee.  One must live within the internal Port boundaries, which are roughly a south district (#1), a central district (#3), and a north district (#2), each one representing about one mile of shoreline and then landward. 

Districts for Small Ports?  There are some who have wondered why we have these internal district boundaries in Illahee for such a small port.  Three ports have eliminated their internal boundaries in the late 1990’s, the Port of Manchester in 1996, the Port of Keyport in 1997, and the Port of Poulsbo in 1998.  There are two ways to eliminate the internal boundaries; either by Port action (which the Port Commissioners stated they were opposed to), or by petition (which would require signatures from 10% of those who voted in the last election, which was 2387, or 239 signatures).  We will see if those who want to eliminate the internal boundaries will circulate a petition.  We were surprise to find out there is a RCW (Revised Code of Washington) statute to elimate Port districts, see below.

Jim Aho