Illahee 5/20/13 Wildlife Photos, Illahee Road Construction, Tuesday Illahee Preserve Meeting, Belden Property, Aquifer Issues and Timbers Edge

Wildlife Photos.  We have been asked to keep including wildlife photos in our updates.  There haven’t been as many deer along one area of Illahee Road this year probably because of the construction, which has been helpful to some gardeners.  The deer picture below is off of Sunset with the deer going into the Illahee Preserve.

Illahee Road Construction.  They are getting ready to pave over the trench that was dug for the new stormwater drain piping that was recently installed, which will eliminate the dust and the loose rocks.  Then a June 4th, the asphault overlay will be put down, and the project will be nearly done.
Tuesday Illahee Preserve Meeting.  There will be an important Illahee Preserve meeting on Tuesday (5/21/13) with both the Stewardship Committee and the Illahee Forest Preserve non-profit group meeting to draft a resolution requesting the county to purchase the Belden property (one of the properties at the end of Thompson Lane desired for being added to the Preserve).  The meeting is at 6:30 pm at the Port of Illahee meeting room at 5500 Illahee Road, which is located near the beginning of the dock, and visitors are welcome.

Belden Property.  The Belden property is listed on Craigs List and there is a sign up at Thompson Lane.  We have included a copy of the letter that was sent to the County Commissioners along with photos of the property.  The photo of the pipe in the ground is of the well.

Dear Kitsap County Commissioners,


I am the property owner of 5586 Thompson Lane NE Bremerton which is located within the Illahee Preserve.  I have the property for sale.  The purpose of this email is informing the County of my intention to sell and give opportunity to the County to purchase the property there by reaching a goal of the Illahee Preserve Stewardship Plan.

According to the Illahee Preserve Stewardship Plan, which Kitsap County Commissioners adopted in 2003, the County is encouraged to purchase property that is within the Preserve.  Page 22, section 7, of the Master Plan states, “(i) This 20 acre area consists of 14 platted lots owned by three separate private individuals.”  and “(ii) The County should, over time, purchase these lots.”   Again on page 23, section 3, the Master Plan again calls to “(ii) Acquire those properties surrounding the forest, as recommended in this plan.”

My property is a one acre parcel with a private well that produces 10 GPM.  The property contains a house that is in need of repair or removal, a barn and a shed both in good condition.  The property contains rhododendron, lilac, mock orange, hydrangea and blueberry bushes; dogwood, curly willow, holly, snowball, apple, pear, plum, cherry and various evergreen trees; grape vines, roses and various other plants.  This parcel would be ideal for the Environmental Education Interpretive Center the Stewardship Plan (p. 22) speaks of because it is relatively level, has power and water on site, and is close to “…both the Old Growth Preserve and the Trail Area, and could serve well as a centralized parking are for both.”(p. 22)

I have contacted the adjacent property owner who leases his property to 12 different residents.  All 12 homes are served by one well that produces only 3 GPM and residence, at times, have had to ration their water.  I have also contacted the Suquamish Tribe because they have expressed an interest in owning the property.  It is currently listed on Craigslist at

Thank you for your time and I hope to have a return email.

Wendy Belden

Aquifer Issues and Timbers Edge.  Another item that will likely be discussed at the Tuesday Illahee Preserve meeting is the current Timbers Edge plan to maximize infiltration of water back into the aquifers.  This is good news as we now know that the base flow if Illahee Creek is already being impacted by well withdrawals.  Illahee Creek’s low flows have been of concern to many residents and when a development actually is trying to increase infiltration we are encouraged.

Jim Aho