Illahee 6/21/13 Cub Scout Troop Help, Wildlife Photos, Misc Comments Received, Another Reporter?

Cub Scout Troop Help.  There were lots of weeds to pull in Plot #2 of the Native Plant Demonstration rain gardens at the Illahee Preserve on Thursday evening (6/20/13), but then there were lots of Cub Scouts from Troop 4561 to make it happen. They learned about the benefits of rain gardens and also that weeds like dandelions can have some pretty long roots.  Thanks to these energetic cub scouts and their leaders to help make the Illahee Preserve such a special place and one of the rain garden plots free of weeds and more attactive.

Wildlife Photos.  When asked what people like most about these updates it continues to be the documentation of the wildlife in the area.  This time we happened to include some pictures of ground squirrels encountered at a rest stop in Montana last weekend.  The owl was photographed at the southeast part of the Illahee Preserve, near the Timbers Edge development area.  The great blue heron was photographed at low tide this morning (6/21/13).

Misc Comments Received.  We receive a number of emails and comments that we should be more diligent in passing on.  Here are a few we remember.

The curve at the bottom of Illahee hill continues to have accidents with the most recent being a rollover as the driver avoided a car that had crossed over into the oncoming lane.

We heard the Port was considering another speed sign to help slow the traffic coming down the hill.

We also heard the county is authorized to remove another 50 cubic yards of sediment from the Illahee Creek culvert, but haven’t heard a time frame.

We also are aware of an engineering firm working with the county to determine how to control the storm surges that plaque Illahee Creek and fill the culvert under Illahee Road and lower flood plain with sediment.

Someone mentioned the county was considering putting in a third lane, a turn lane, along McWilliams Road.  If they do we hope they will consider a pedistrian walkway due to the number of people who walk on the small shoulders.

We were sent an email with the following comments about a proposed buffer reduction area along the North Tributary of Illahee Creek.  This is the same area where we routinely get comments about fecal smells after storm events.  They forwarded a copy of the postcard they received of the proposal.

…. have you been informed about the notice of application (13 00816) for a buffer reduction on the run-off stream between 1st & Wise street? This project seems not in line with the efforts of stream management that the community is striving to achieve.  See attached.
Another Reporter?  We could use another Illahee reporter to help cover events, if only to fill in when we are gone.  As you can see it only takes a camera and writting a few words.  Let us know if you are interested.  Past updates are available for review on the website.  We could also use a young person to provide stories from a younger perspective.  

Jim Aho