Illahee 11/24/13 Preparedness Recommendation, The Rest of the Story, Preserve Work Party, United Storage Support, Cool Car Cruise Support, Navy Ship?

Preparedness Recommendation.  One of the recommendations at the Disaster Preparedness presentation on Monday (11/18/13) was an indoor heater called a “Big Buddy”.  We noticed they had them at the Sportsman’s Warehouse so we took a couple of pictures of the front and back of the box in case anyone was interested.

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The Rest of the Story.  In our last update we referenced the Kitsap Sun article regarding the two teenagers rescued on Tuesday (11/19/13).  It turns out there was more to the story and an Illahee resident who needs to be thanked for possibly saving the teenagers life – let us know if you know who that person is.  We received a couple of emails and talked with some people who saw the teenagers in Illahee earlier that day looking at one of their boats near the shoreline.  We have edited some of the info in the emails.
That errant float came into the area from the south about 4 months ago in a late summer wind storm.  The Dinghy that those kids were found in (you pictured it) was with that float.  I grabbed the dinghy and pulled it back in and have had it on my beach for the last few months.  The kids probably stole the dinghy and were using a 2 x 6 from my beach also to “row” it.  It leaks pretty bad.  The BI police have returned the dinghy to me.  If anyone knows who the rightful owner is then I would be glad to give it to them as it is not very seaworthy. 
….  The kids are age 13 and 14 – runaways from Rocky Point and it appears they took a bus then walked the beach for awhile before they got in the boat.  (The report from those seeing them in Illahee on the beach was they were wearing fashionable school clothes and appeared to be looking at boats along the shoreline.) They were hypothermic enough that it is pretty certain that they would have died by morning if not found or had got into shore.  They were only about 150 feet off shore when found but were trying to paddle the wrong way and against the tide.  They were almost a mile from the boat rectangle search area that Fire was running command on.  The chopper saw them on an expanded search area and using their new FLIR gyro-stabilzed thermal imaging camera. 
I don’t know who from Illahee called it in to 911 with a good and sure report of young voice yelling for help that is the real hero.  If that report had not happened or had been deemed less credible there likely would be a very sad story for the two families of those kids.
Errant Float. The errant float evidently has appeared in Illahee twice.  The first time on Sunday the 18th of August, and the second time on Saturday the 24th of August.  We made contact the Port of Illahee and Illahee State Park, along with Army Corps of Engineers debris recovery vessel for the Seattle District, the M/V Puget. The current schedule, to be verified on Monday, is for them to possibly pull the float from the beach at high tide on Tuesday (11/27/13).
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Preserve Work Party.  Another very successful Illahee Preserve work party occured on a cold Saturday (11/24/13) with the Washington Youth Academy (WYA) bringing a bus with 44 cadets.  Wood chip piles around the Almira parking lot were cleared and placed on trails, trial improvements made, and some redundent trails were closed.  Additionally invasive plants were removed from Compass Circle, a sign reinstalled, and logs moved. Thanks to the WYA, the Rotary Club of East Bremerton, and the support decribed in the next two items.
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United Storage Support.  Thanks to United Storage and Moving for providing a Go-Mini storage unit to stow wheel borrows and tools.  The storage unit will be kept at United Storage until needed for work parties.  This was made possible by United Storage and the East Bremerton Rotary.
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Cool Car Cruise Support.  Another major support need was met by Jim Fox who supplied the Sani-Can. Restrooms are needed for all day events like this and we thank Jim for his help.  
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Navy Ship?  The photo of the Illahee dock shows a Navy ship in the background.  We don’t know the name or number of this ship.
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Jim Aho