Illahee 4/27/14 Pheasant, Seals, Deer, Grants, Utility Questions, Preserve Trail Map, Killdeer Update

Pheasant.  More pheasants have been reported around Illahee.  We saw this one on the beach and just barely got this photo; and, while working in the garden the other day, we heard a bicycler yell at a pheasant he almost hit on Illahee Road.

2014-04-27 Misc 019 
Osprey.  We haven’t seen many osprey around here, but a number of residents saw one last week that was evidently looking for fish, with a neighbor reporting one went from up high in a fir tree diving way under the water and came up with a fairly good sized fish.

Seals.  We are amazed at the number of harbor seals around here.  There were about 20 of them on this float the other day, with another one trying to decide where to get on.
2014-04-27 Misc 025 
Deer.  We receive emails from those who love the deer here and those who would like to have them thinned out.  And we hear from gardeners who spend lots of money trying to keep the deer out.  The last few years the deer won the garden battles here, eating roses, young grafted apple trees, all the raspberries, and much of the garden, and they won the first go around this year, but so far not the second.
Grants.  We heard this week the Coastal Protection Fund grant application we helped with was not successful.  We are hoping for better news on other grants, including the one the Park’s Department is preparing called “The Lost Continent of Illahee, Phase 2” that is due on May 1, 2014.  This is a follow-on grant to a Lost Continent of Illahee (Phase 1) grant many years ago that resulted in about 90 acres being added to the Illahee Preserve.
Utility Questions.  We have had several inquiries about the utility markings at the bottom of Roosevelt Street.  It appears to us to be preparation for a project that goes all the way up Roosevelt since the markings extend up the hill, and should be on a Public Works website, but we couldn’t find it. Let us know if you know what it is.
2014-04-27 Misc 034 
Preserve Trail Map Help?  We have been asked if there is anyone who could help verify the GPS location of trails in the Illahee Preserve as it has been many years since the waypoints were established as part of the earlier maps.  There are also some new and modified trails that weren’t on the old maps.  Let us know if you can help and we will pass your name on to the trail map volunteers.
Killdeer Update.  It evidently didn’t go well with the killdeer eggs we showed in an earlier update.  Below is the feedback we received.
2014-04-10 Misc 006 
A day or so (or so)  after you took the picture, 3 of the eggs were gone with no sign of the shells or young ones. On the same day a few hours later the remaining egg was gone, again no shell remains or a chick. In the past I’ve been fortunate to get pictures of recently hatched chicks and it seems that shell remains disappear fast and it also seemed that the young ones leave the nest fast. In the past, I have seen mom (and or pop) with the young on the beach. The young grow fast.
Jim Aho