Illahee 8/9/14 Culvert Cleaned, Trees Habitated, Storm Pond Enlarged, Work Parties, Homeless Camp, State Ferry Name Request, Wildlife Photos?

Culvert Cleaned.  It was a busy week in Illahee beginning with the Illahee Creek culvert cleaned out on August 1st.  50 cubic yards of sand and gravel, plus some golf balls from Rolling Hills Golf Course, were removed from downstream of the culvert and deposited at the Almira parking lot area of the Illahee Preserve, where on Sunday Rotary volunteers spread and graded it.  Despite the continued cleanout of the downstream end of the culvert, the upstream cleanance continues to decrease, which is why some think it will eventually plug up and result in a road washout.  This is the reason stormwater projects are in progress to decrease the storm surges and the excessive sedimentation. An upstream storm pond is currently being enlarged and more pond enlargement work is planned at the golf course in 2015.

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Trees Habitated.  With the prospect of a new shelter going in some of the nearby trees were deemed hazards and were habitated, i.e., they were topped leaving the trunks for insects and woodpeckers. This took place on Thursday afternoon (8/7/14) and was a compromise with some of those objecting to any trees being cut.  One diseased maple tree was cut down.  
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Storm Pond Enlarged.  In the Kariotis area a storm pond is being enlarged to help with the Illahee Creek sedimentation problem that is plaguing the culvert.  Some of the dirt from the pond was delivered on Thursday afternoon (8/7/14) during the tree trimming which should nearly complete all the fill dirt needed for the shelter project.
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Work Parties.  On Friday (8/8/14) two simultaneous work parties began moving wood chips that had accumulated during the summer, and also the cleaning up the debris from the habitated trees.  
A group from the aircraft carrier John C Stennis (CVN74) cleaned up the area around the Thompson Lane parking lot, and were treated by a lunch time BBQ courtesy of Rotarian member Andy Graham, who owns McClouds.
2014-8-9 052 
The other work party was from the Washington Youth Academy and consisted of 52 cadets.  They hauled wood chips, debris from the tree trimming, logs, and other tasks. Thanks to these young men and the East Bremerton Rotary who coordinate the work parties, as they make the Illahee Preserve a great place to walk, jog, or bike in a diverse forest setting.
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Homeless Camp.  Just prior to Friday’s work party someone was found sleeping in the Preserve in a homeless camp that was thought to be vacant.  He was advised where to go for help and later the camp as cleaned by some hard working WYA cadets.  To give you an idea how much garbage had accumulated, they filled the bed of a pickup twice with garbage bags.  Thanks to the WYA guys and the Kitsap County parks volunteer coordinator, Lori Raymaker, for coordinating the cleanup effort and for hauling the garbage away.  Park stewards had started to clean up the site but realized it was beyond what they had time for.  The photo below was taken a month ago when the site was first discovered.  The garbage was in back of this area.
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State Ferry Name Request.  Thanks to those who forwarded the following letter requesting the next ferry be named the Illahee:
Wildlife Photos?  As you may have noticed there were no wildlife photos in this Update.  We did get a report of coyotes on the beach, but there was not enough time to get a photo of them.
Jim Aho