Illahee 1/12/15 Old Preserve Campsite, Piliated Woodpecker Damage, Outfall Stop Work Order?, Expedited Permit?, Outfall Conditions Satisfied?, The Agreement?, Community Input?, Cynical?, Are We Wrong?

Old Preserve Campsite.   We found this old abandoned campsite in the Illahee Preserve this weekend while working on trails.
2015-1-12 Misc 001 
Piliated Woodpecker Damage.   This old Italian plum tree looks pretty sad after a pair of piliated woodpeckers found it.
2015-1-12 Misc 029
2015-1-12 Misc 031 
Outfall Stop Work Order?   We thought a stop work order would be forthcoming on a project going in without a right-of-way permit, and it finally did on Monday (1/12/15) afternoon.  This morning’s photos of the project are interspersed below.
2015-1-12 Misc 017 

Expedited Permit?   We heard a permit will likely be issued on Tuesday by Public Works, since they have been told the work has been approved by Community Development.

2015-1-12 Misc 025 
Outfall Conditions Satisfied?   What we don’t understand is how this project was approved by Community Development without the Illahee Community being assured the agreement that allowed the outfall to move from the dock to the right-of-way has been satisfied.  
2015-1-12 Misc 022 
The Agreement?  What we remember is there was an agreement that moved the outfall from the dock to the county right-of-way that has some stipulations.  We presume the county has a copy of the agreement, supposedly signed by those affected, and we have asked for a copy.  Hopefully we will hear something on Tuesday before the right-of-way permit is issued.
2015-1-12 Misc 019 
Community Input?   The other issue is community input on what appears to be an exposed 24 inch diameter HDPE pipe running down the hill to the outfall.  Did anyone get an opportunity to comment on this?  Normally, neighbors get an opportunity to have some say in what happens next to them, but those on both sides were never contacted until the contractor notified them last week.
2015-1-12 Misc 018 
Cynical?  Normally we like to be positive, but it is hard when it seems those who are supposed to be watching out for us are not keeping us informed and seem to be unaware of a major settlement agreement. 
2015-1-12 Misc 006 
Are We Wrong?   We certainly hope we are wrong, and that Kitsap County is doing their job, and they just haven’t had time to tell us or convince us.  We are waiting, and unfortunately, this installation looks like it may be completed before we hear back.
Jim Aho