Illahee 1/13/15 Enhanced Ditch Damage, Stop Work Report Wrong, Settlement Agreement Found, Permit?, Recourse?, Reporting Responses

Enhanced Ditch Damage.  Thanks to Leon for letting us know that a vehicle went into the new enhanced stormwater ditch late Saturday evening.  Likely more damage to the vehicle than the ditch.  The neighbors have already contacted Clean Water Kitsap.

2015-1-13 Misc 031
Stop Work Report Wrong.   In yesterday’s Update (1/12/15) we reported the project had been stopped based on a conversation with the county.  Obviously those living around the project know we were wrong (see photo below).  We reported what we were told.
2015-1-13 Misc 052 
Settlement Agreement Found.   If there is any good news today, it came later this afternoon, when a copy of the settlement agreement we asked for was forwarded.  They finally found it and are trying to figure out what to do next.  It is multiple pages and we had to copy each page as a photo to insert it, and have today’s photos of the project interspersed between the pages.
SA pg 1
2015-1-13 Misc 001
SA pg 2
2015-1-13 Misc 004
SA pg 3
2015-1-13 Misc 009
SA pg 4
2015-1-13 Misc 010
 SA pg 5
2015-1-13 Misc 012
SA pg 6
2015-1-13 Misc 015
SA pg 7
2015-1-13 Misc 045
SA Ex 1
SA Ex 2
Permit?   We heard the ‘after-the-fact’ permitting is still in progress, and something also about a performance bond.  The project will likely be completed by the time all the paperwork is finished.
Recourse?   We have been asked by a number of residents if there is any recourse.  We didn’t know the answer, so if you know, let us know.
Reporting Responses.  I know some aren’t interested in this type of reporting which is why I asked the question in the first email/post regarding the outfall project.  So far the response from the community is positive – they want to know about events like this, as long as we also report on other issues like the wildlife.  That is what I would rather be doing.
Jim Aho