Illahee 6/9/15 Ravens, Coyote, Signs, Pledges, Fingers Crossed, Tours, Port Ad Hoc Committee, Photos


Reissued because the email version of the photos were not viewable, which required they be corrected on the website where they were attached.

Ravens.  One of the joys of living near the Illahee Preserve, Illahee State Park, and the surrounding forested properties, are the ravens. They are at least twice the size of a crow and have a deeper voice, except for the very young ones.  Thanks to Vicki for sharing these photos.

Coyote.  It is hard to get a good photo of a coyote so thanks Russ for photographing this guy last week, even if it was through a window.
Signs.  Lots of signs up advertising website.  Donations are needed for the purchase of Timbers Edge and other properties. The signs were for sale for $5 at the Farmers Market with some of them are showing up in South Kitsap and the second photo is one from Tracyton, and the last one is on Illahee Road.  Let us know if you want to put up a sign, as there are a few left. 
2015-6-8 Misc 004photo (2)2015-6-8 Misc 015 
The goal is to have people access the website, where they can learn more and also contribute to its purchase.
Pledges.  There was a dry spell for more significant contributions for a couple of weeks, and finally last week, as a result of the Pacific Crest Trail event at the Admiral, several pledges came in.  Thanks to all those who are helping!  Below is the pledge form being used.
Pledge Form FINAL 
Fingers Crossed.  We still have our fingers crossed in hopes the Birkenfeld Trust will come through to help with the purchase of the Timbers Edge properties.  We should know this week and we are anxiously waiting.
Two Weeks To Raise $45,000?  If the Birkenfeld Trust grant comes through with the $300,000 requested, we will be 95% of the way toward the purchase of the first 25 acres.  That will leave us with two weeks to raise the remaining $45,000.  We heard many are waiting to see if the grant comes through before contributing, though they could pledge as the pledge is contingent upon raising the funding. 
Tours.  It has been fun to give tours of the Timbers Edge properties and watch as people begin to understand why we are so anxious to purchase the properties.  Let us know if you are interested.
Port Ad Hoc Committee.  At last month’s Port of Illahee regular meeting a resolution was approved to establish an ad hoc committee to look at better meeting place options for those with ADA issues, than the present one at the bottom of the steep hill.  Let us know if you are interested in being on the committee and we will pass your name on to the Port.  Note that the regular monthly meeting of the Port is this Wednesday (6/10) at the Port meeting room 5500B at 5 pm.  The public is invited to attend.
Illahee Photos.  Trash Cleaned Up at Illahee Store,  The first sun sugar tomato of the season.  Well fed deer in the garden.  Boats, survey along the shoreline and someone rowing with the motor literally in the back of the boat.
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Jim Aho