Illahee 9/20/15 Illahee Photos, Preserve Work Party, Police Reports, Hiding Spot, Why Illahee?, Culvert, Perry Ave Stormwater Project, Port Thank You, Lost Continent Updates

Illahee Photos.  Thanks to those who share their photos.
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Illahee Preserve Work Party.  Thanks to the LDS church group that accomplished some major tasks on Saturday, September 12th.  Not only did they clean up and give the rain garden a “hair cut”, they also hauled and spread woodchips on trails.  Adults, teenagers, and younger children make it a fun and productive morning, which was followed by a BBQ.  Thanks to all the volunteers to make the Illahee Preserve such a special place!
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Police Reports.  In our last Update we reported on police chase in Illahee, a crashed car, and a drug dealer who fled on foot, and eventually was found and apprehended with the help of a police dog. The first report if from the Kitsap Sun and the second from the CK Reporter.

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The Hiding Spot.  Below is the house where the suspect hid in a lower level storage area where the dog located him.
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Why Illahee?  Why does Illahee have so much of this kind of activity?  We think the reason is Illahee Road is the only road east of State Route 303 (Wheaton Way) for those wanting to go between Bremerton and communities to the north.
Culvert.  We monitor the Illahee Creek culvert under Illahee Road periodically to check the clearance as it has been decreasing over the years.  The current clearance is 21 inches maximum, but as you can see from the photo that is just at the center.  The culvert was not cleaned this year as the county has been completing many stormwater projects in Illahee to help decrease the stormwater surges.  Our concern is a major storm, capable of moving logs down the creek, could plug the culvert and wash out the road, which would leave us with some big traffic problems.
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Perry Avenue Stormwater Project.  We received a number of inquiries about a stormwater project on Perry Avenue that dumps water over the hillside into Illahee Creek.  This project was recommended by the Port of Illahee/Department of Ecology report issued in 2008 and was completed recently by Kitsap County Public Works.  The last photo shows two guys installing a second flange.  Those flanges were then covered with 8 cubic yards of concrete which serves as an anchor for the pipe just before it goes over the bank.  At the end is a diffuser to dissipate the energy before it enters Illahee Creek.  The area has experienced a number of slides and this should help.
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Port Thank You.  We want to say a special thank you to the Port of Illahee commissioners who years ago had the foresight to apply for a grant to help resolve the stormwater problems in the creek that also affected Puget Sound.  The Port’s authority extends beyond just the Illahee dock which not always understood.
Lost Continent Phase 1 Acquisition Update.  We heard the acquisition in progressing as they wait for an appraisal of the project to complete.  The acquisition is to complete by September 29th and 25.5 acres will be added to the Preserve.
Lost Continent Phase 2 Acquisition?  We don’t know the status of the Avery Homestead parcels which is Phase 2.  With the delay in closing for Phase 1, Phase 2 had to be put on hold.  We will let you know what we find out about Phase 2.
Jim Aho