Illahee 10/28/15 Monday Community Meeting, Earthquake Preparedness Presentation, Port Ballot Measure, Preserve Camp, TE Phase 2 Questions, 2016 RCO Grant, Additional Purchase?, Wildlife Reports

Monday Community Meeting.  The Illahee Community non-profit group will hold its annual meeting this coming Monday (11/2/15) at 6:15 pm at the Kitsap Regional Library’s meeting room, and will cover a number of different topics of interest to Illahee and nearby residents.  Signs such as the one below will be posted on Thursday throughout Illahee.

2015-26-15 Misc 077 
Earthquake Preparedness Presentation.  Susan May with the County’s Department of Emergency Management will present from 6:15 to 7:15 pm on Monday regarding emergency preparedness in light of Illahee lying directly on the west end of the Seattle fault line, which is shown below.  Other issues noted in the sign photo will follow the presenation.
2015-10-10 Misc 077 
Port Ballot Measure.  We have been trying to find someone to argue against the Port of Illahee ballot measure since there was no argument against in the voter’s pamphlet.  This has resulted in some thinking we are against the measure, which is not the case.  We simply wanted to have both sides presented, assuming there would be some people against the measure. So far we haven’t found anyone against the elimination of the three individual Port district boundaries. Below is a copy of page 35 of the Voters Pamphlet and expanded views of verbiage.
Ballot Proposition
Ballot Arguments 
Preserve Camper.  A number of weeks ago we were alerted about a tent in the Preserve and it took awhile to get photos of it.  We notified the volunteers who work with the Sheriff’s department and the camp site was posted and the inhabitants packed up and left, and volunteers then cleaned up the site.  Again, it is amazing that the surrounding community and volunteers are able to maintain the Preserve, which includes helping with the policing of illegal activities, such as camping and brush picking.
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TE Phase 2 Questions.  Many questions about The Lost Continent’s campaign to purchase the rest of the Timbers Edge properties, which is called “Phase 2”.  
2016 RCO Grant?  With the purchase of the additional 25 acres for the Illahee Preserve, bringing the total acreage to 570 acres (545 plus 25), which includes the golf course, it is time to begin work on a 2016 RCO grant (which has a March 2016 deadline).  The 25 acre purchase provides matching funds in excess of $200K, and provides the appraisal data that hindered the submittal of a 2014 RCO grant.
Additional Purchase?  Members of the Illahee Forest Preserve non-profit are working with the property owner and developer on the possibility of securing another 5 acres, or the final 10 acres.  The non-profit boards of the Illahee Forest Preserve and Illahee Community group just met and voted to continue discussions for at least the forested five acre westerly Timbers Edge parcel.  The five acres could be secured in part with grant funds, in addition to other priority properties where there are landowner agreements.
Wildlife Reports.  The American wigeon ducks that winter in Illahee have returned in the last couple of days.  The first two photos below show them at the mouth of Illahee Creek.  The last photo shows some female common mergansers as they are seen swimming along the shoreline looking for fish, which they were finding this afternoon.
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Jim Aho