Illahee 2/24/26 Photos, Photo Problem Identified, Community Meeting, Surveying Work Above Outfall, Work Party Report, Washington Youth Academy

Photos.  The first photo below shows a relatively rare Eurasian wigeon in this area and an American wigeon.  We think the Eurasian wigeon is the same duck we have seen in previous years, and wonder what the life span of the average wigeon is.  

2016-2-24 Misc 037
The second photo was sent to us by Pat, “….can’t resist sending this photo .. use if you wish or not .. taken from my deck.. not far from Illahee State Park.”
Photo from Pat N 2-9-16
Photo Problem Identified.  “We like to look at the photos, so what happened?  There was only the map photo in the last Update.”  The comment was from a friend so I explained about our concerns that we include too many photos which might cause the photos to not come through.  It appears those having problems with the photos not appearing have firewall issues, i.e., their firewall won’t let our photos be posted.  If that happens, the photos can be viewed anytime, along with past Updates, by simply viewing the website.
If the missing photo comment came from a county worker then the problem is on our end. Recently the county IS started to block your photos for some reason. I can view the same email with photos on my phone with cell data. It might have something to do with security settings on your sever as they are getting pretty serious about securing our network.

Community Meeting.  There appear to be about 10 of these signs out in the community.  Please bring your ideas of what to do with the Illahee Store to the meeting.
2016-2-24 Misc 062
Surveying Work Above Outfall.  We received the following notice from the developer’s engineer that some work is beginning above where the Illhaee Outfall was installed last year.  It looks a development is ready to go forward and we hope the county will provide some kind of notification as it was part of an agreement with the Illahee community that notice would be provided. 
I just wanted to keep you in the loop and give you and the community a heads up that the project clearing limits will be staked in the next couple of weeks. There will be surveyors along the Sunrise Terrace and Berg Street ROWs.
Preserve Work Party Report.  This past Friday (2/19/16) a platoon of Washington Youth Academy (WYA) cadets helped clear tree debris and hauled wood chips to keep the Illahee Preserve trails well maintained.  There were 51 cadets and 4 supervisors, along with 8 volunteers (orange vests) who guided their efforts.  
2016-2-24 Misc 016
We have been questioned about how we can keep the trails so well maintained, and the answer is because of the help of volunteers like the WYA cadets and the Rotary and Preserve Stewards who coordinate the work parties.  The unofficial hours this work party worked:  WYA 358 hours, work supervisors 64 hours, for a total of 422 hours, with the Rotary providing for the required port-a-potty.  Note the fresh wood chips on the trail in the photo below.
2016-2-24 Misc 020
Washington Youth Academy.  Some information about the Washington Youth Academy appeared recently on the front page of the Kitsap Sun.
2016-2-24 Misc 065
2016-2-24 Misc 067
Jim Aho