Illahee 5/3/16 Great Give Deadline Extended, Bird Identity Corrected

Great Give Deadline Extended.   Because of technical errors with the donation website the deadline for Great Give giving has been extended until tomorrow (5/4/16) evening at 9 pm.  Below is what the website screen looks like when you get to the Illahee Forest Preserve.  The box on the screen don’t show anything being the Illahee Forest Preserve,  but we know that is wrong because we already received a receipt for our modest test contribution.  The link for contributing is below and it finally worked out well for us.

Bird Identity Corrected.   Thanks to Megan for pointing out we misidentified the bird below in our last update.  Our excuse is we rarely saw the bird until we got close to its next and snapped the photo, thinking it was the same bird, a black-capped chickadee, that nested close by last year.  The all black head tells us it is a dark-eyed junco.  Thank you Megan for pointing out our error, and for others, please let us know when you find an error like this.
2016-4-30 Misc 065
Jim Aho