Illahee 5/20/16 Photos, Options Agreement Ends, Grant Application, The Critique, Park Needed, Theme Ideas, Timeline, Illahee’s 100th Anniversay, Illahee Store, Community Meeting Sunday 7 pm

Photos.  Some photos around the community.

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Options Agreement Ends.  The Options Agreement to purchase the remaining 10.7 acres of the Timbers Edge project ended on May 15, 2016.  This was reported earlier as it was known in March that appropriation funding was not successful (the escrow process needed to begin in April to meet the May closing date).

Another Opportunity.  The good news is that there is another opportunity to secure most of the necessary funding, through a Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) grant, which the county is submitting.  The property owner, Mr. Jim Tallman, has agreed to give the community and the county more time to see if they can secure a grant.

Grant Application.  The grant application has been submitted and a technical review of the project occurred this past week, on Tuesday 5/17/16.  We found the Power Point presentation on the RCO website:  Below is a copy of their first slide.  It turns out the presentation is just a preliminary one that is critiqued before a final one is presented in August that will be ranked with all the other projects in the state.

PPT Cover Sheet

The Critique.  The technical review was important because the briefing, though good, did not cover what the evaluators were wanting to see for a local park category grant, i.e., a more concentrated focus on the features to be in the park than on what has already been accomplished with previous Preserve acquisitions.

Park Needed.  While the property provides the necessary public access, it is also ideal for a local park with features not provided anywhere else in the Preserve which is why the local park grant category was chosen.

Theme Ideas.  One of the things being looked at is coming up with a theme for the 10.7 acre park.  Only two theme suggestions so far: “Lost Continent Park” and “Homestead Park”.  Natural features such as rocks and logs are what was envisioned for the play area so if anyone has theme ideas, let us know.

Timeline.  The grant timeline now is to perfect the application and make changes to the presentation with the goal to have the project score high enough that funding will be essentially assured.  Even with a high score the property will need to be purchased before funding is distributed (June 2017) possibly needing a bridge loan.  We will try to keep track of the progress and keep everyone informed.

Illahee’s 100th Anniversary.  The Illahee Community was established in 1916 so this is the 100th anniversary.  The Port of Illahee has selected August 13th for Illahee Day, and Port Commissioner Cassie Magill is looking to the Illahee Community Club  to help with ideas of how the celebrate the anniversary.

Illahee Store.  Would the former Illahee Store building make a good Illahee Community Center?  It is roughly 50′ by 32′ or 1600 square feet.  Can the building be saved?  What does the local community want?

2016-1-20 Misc 023

Community Meeting Sunday 7 pm.  The Illahee Community Club (ICC) would like to meet on the store property to look at it to see what would need to be done to make it a Community Center and they set a date and time to do so:  Sunday (5/22/16) at 7 pm.  Anyone interested in the idea is encouraged to come.  If it is raining they will hold their discussion in the Port meeting room, lower level, across the street.

Jim Aho