Illahee 7/31/16 Fawns, Shellfish Warning, Missing Boat, First Preserve Wedding, Port Public Hearing Aug 10th, 100 Anniversay Program?

Fawns.  Thanks Ginny for the photos of fawns!

Shellfish Warning.  New danger signs showed up at the Illahee Dock the day before the notice in the Kitsap Sun.
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Missing Boat.  This boat was on the outer float of the Port dock a few weeks ago and over the weekend went missing.  It was a borrowed boat and the borrower and owner would like to get it back.  Let us know if you can help them find out what happened to it.
First Preserve Wedding.  Saturday was another first for the Illahee Preserve — a wedding.  Rose petals, along with signs, marked the trail to the place of the ceremony.  Attendees were transported by cabs to keep parking spaces open for other Preserve users, and while we didn’t hang around it looked like it was going to be a great day and place for a wedding.
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Port Public Hearing Aug 10th.  It appears there are differences of opinion on whether the Port of Illahee should have the option of purchasing the Illahee Store, if it comes up for auction at a Sheriff’s sale.  Please consider attending the hearing and expressing you thoughts or concerns.  If you can’t attend, you can send the Port a letter at P.O. Box 2357. Bremerton, WA 98310, or email the Port Commissioner who is acting secretary,
100 Anniversary Program?  There are some amazing stories out there regarding Illahee and it has been suggested there be a short program during the 100th Anniversary celebration on August 13th.  Let us know if you have some stories and would be willing to share.  
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(Notice the flags that appeared in the planters — thanks to all those taking part in beautifying Illahee.)  And remember that there will be a dumpster available on Monday for those helping with the clean up this week.
Jim Aho