Illahee 9/7/16 Army Steps In, Hearing Continuance, Corps Response, Continuance Decision, Preserve Request, Hearing Time, Photo

Army Steps In.   The Army Corps of Engineers will evidently take over the wetland determination process.  There were several items of concern such that the Corps has decided to intervene in the wetland issues in the All Secure SEPA appeal that was filed on May 7, 2007 by 17 friends of the Illahee Forest Preserve.  The Preserve hopes the intervention will lead to a conclusion as the appeal process has gone nowhere for 9 years.
Hearing Continuance.  Thursday’s scheduled SEPA appeal hearing apparently will be continued to a later date.  We were told that the county, the applicant, and the appellants have now all agreed to a continuance of the hearing pending a definitive determination about the wetlands, which is key to moving forward.  
Corps Response.  The Corps response today (9/7/16) evidently convinced the county and the applicant that a continuance is best.
Continuance Decision.  With all in agreement the continuance should be granted at the hearing tomorrow morning.
Preserve Request.  The Preserve hopes to be able to request direction from the Hearing Examiner to make sure the appeal process doesn’t continue on for another 9 years.
Hearing Time.  For those who still want to attend the hearing, we were told the 10 am scheduled hearing may conclude early and to be ready to proceed before the scheduled 11 am scheduled hearing time.  We plan to be there at 10 am.
Photo.  For those who aren’t interested in all the hearing information, we have a garden photo for you.
Jim Aho